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What we do.

Innovation that

works immediately.

Welcome to the strategy consultancy specializing in practice-proven innovations. The THOMSEN GROUP is the world-wide leader in developing and implementing innovation that immediately creates a market success which is secured for a long period of time. We work with a system that has guided our experience for the past 30 years in the eight most important industries and as government consultants.

innowait has kept it up-to-date for the past three decades. Here is our innovation system at a glance:

  • Our future research identifies first and foremost the FutureAssets® that will move your clients in 2050.
  • Then our unique LiveResearch® system finds out what is already fascinating today.
  • Finally, our implementation program 5PAmplify® will present to you everything that is of decisive importance for the market success of this innovation, from perfect price to efficient sales.

What we do differently.

You don’t like consultants? Understandable.

  • 1.
    Fancy PowerPoint presentations about things you already knew? This is off-limits. Where other strategy consultants move into your offices we move into position.
  • 2.
    Even if you combine five several leading companies of highest expertise you will not achieve anything that is comparable: That’s simplifying at its best!
  • 3.
    Others are theoretically perfect, but will leave you to it afterwards. That is when we begin our practical work.
  • 4.
    Somewhere else you have to pay daily rates. We are measured by our success (see also: Result based fees).
  • 5.
    We have been specializing in innovation for 30 years. With a system that no one else has.

Who we do it for.

One of this industries is yours.

How much we do it for.

Result based fees.

85% use our result based fees. 85 Prozent
We carry up to 60% of the risk. 60 Prozent
You only pay 40% of the costs. 40 Prozent

Your risk airbag: It is certain that we have to carefully select our clients in a fee model like this. However, our success due diligence mainly protects you. From mal-investments. Subsequently, our low nominal fee will prove to you our confidence in the success of your mandate.

Where we do it.

Here are our clients at home.

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