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Our tips for job applicants.

Don’t put off until tomorrow...

There is no fixed application deadline for joining the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short: TGISC®. But there is one simple rule: Act fast. It’s your decision whether you send your application online or in the mail. But the sooner the better. Because we’re always looking for good people.

Keep your application honest and authentic! For example, we once received an application that appeared to be very specifically tailored to the TGISC®. But we were disappointed to discover that the customization was neither performed by the applicant nor even true, because the same application had also been sent to many other consultant groups. The applicant’s fatal mistake? He claimed to have applied only to TGISC®.
Admittedly, an exception. But it brings home the message that honesty and authenticity are important to us. Within these boundaries, however, you should give free rein to your creativity.

We are looking for unique, highly motivated personalities.
First off...even if you don’t yet have a clear picture of your future, spend some time thinking about what it is that you want from a career. Already know what you want? Even better. Then let’s get the ball rolling. To ensure that our picture of you is complete, your application should include the following: A cover letter explaining what motivates you to work with the TGISC®. A clearly organized résumé and copies of your credentials, including any diplomas, degrees (undergraduate, graduate, professional, doctorate), certifications, internships, and employer references.
Your cover letter should be no longer than one page. Don’t use clichés or simply repeat your résumé. Much better would be a good mix of your goals, your value to the company, and why you want to work for TGISC®. Your résumé should be clear and well organized. Chunk your history into blocks of information, such as education, practical experience, languages, interests, etc., because we are particularly interested in your personality. If you apply by email, make sure you don’t paste your information as straight text into the email. Instead, include your documents (i.e., résumé, cover letter, etc.) as separate e-mail attachments (e.g., as PDF files). We will respond as quickly as possible to let you know whether we want you to come in for a personal interview.

We look forward to receiving your application! (just don’t it put off until tomorrow...)

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