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Our entry-level program.

The ideal start to your career.

Are you looking for something 
more than just an internship? For example, would you like to find out if we’re the right employer for you after graduation? Discover how successfully we work.

In addition to the content covered in internships, the entry level program provides additional responsibility, participation in the TGISC® College, coaching hours with the board,

and customized career planning. Furthermore, top performers are accepted into our alumni program right after completing the entry level program and, when possible, even receive job offers. We even make it possible to obtain a doctorate degree while working with us.


You can choose any one of our programs.

After the initial 16 week program, many decide to stay on for six months or longer.

Strategy program

Are you approaching the end of your studies and thinking about a post-graduate degree? Or are you almost finished earning your post-graduate degree? Do you have knowledge or even experience in market and future research, strategy development, or in the professional preparation, implementation, and evaluation of research? Are you looking to challenge your ability to think analytically with complex problems? Are you able to grasp broader relationships, simplify them verbally, and perhaps even put them to paper using text and images in a creative way? We admit – perhaps that’s a lot to ask. But if you can answer some of these question with “Yes!” – or if you get butterflies in your stomach just reading this and definitely want to be able to answer with a loud “Yes!!!” – then apply!

Consulting program

You are (almost) finished with your studies, or you are (likewise) on your way towards earning your MBA or doctorate, or perhaps your bachelor’s, master’s, or Diplom degree, and you’re looking for challenges in a dynamic interdisciplinary environment. You believe that sustainably successful entrepreneurial spirit requires strategic maxims and valid assumptions. Do you want your ideas to be taken seriously, improved upon, realized, and ultimately passed on to the client? With us, you will get the chance to help shape the future of our clients from a variety of industries. All you need for this is the knowledge or experience in project management. You already know the basics of day-to-day office life, how to strike the right note, responsibly juggle multiple tasks, and still take time to really break down tasks. If so, you’re basically a shoo-in at TGISC®.

Multidisciplinary Program

The multidisciplinary program combines the most challenging tasks from the areas of strategy and consulting into an integrated understanding of strategic consulting for the benefit of our clients. After this program, you’ll know TGISC® inside and out and will certainly want to stay on with us longer. And we hope you do!

Senior program

You have already demonstrated that you know how to get things done. But you want to experience first-hand how TGISC® isn’t your typical corporate consultancy – how a lot of things run differently here. Then this is the program that’s right for you. You can complete the senior program in strategy and consulting, or in one of the two departments. Upon successful completion of the senior program, you will then be admitted to the TGISC® College. Individual coaching by at least one board member is also available to help you in your intensive, personal development. This also includes our customized input precisely tailored to you regarding your career planning. Top performers are accepted into our alumni program right after completing the senior program within as little as 4 weeks.

Career training

Are you looking for a challenging education that’s also fun? 

Experience how successfully we work.

The TGISC® was one of the first firms in its area to accept interns. Since then, we have expanded our offering to interns beyond that of any other company. Among other things, the belief that the trainees are not getting coffee there. And never decide which position is on the card, but only what one can. (By the picture on the right so the last time you will have the feeling, so to be treated. Unless you choose not to study with TGISC® ...). What you should bring to the table: high school or commercial college diploma with good or very good grades, English-language skills appropriate for your age, a good dose of curiosity, an open mind, and you must enjoy teamwork.


Most importantly, however (and this is something that can’t be seen even in the best of school grades), you must be dedicated and willing to work harder than most.

Come to the world's leading strategy consultancy specializing in practice-proven innovations. 

Overview of apprenticeships:
(2,5-3 Years)

Office management assistant.
Management assistant for marketing and communications.
Digital and print media designer.
Management assistant for event organization. (in preparation)
Management assistant for IT systems. (in preparation)
System informatics technician. (in preparation)

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