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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do TGISC® projects last?

We rarely use the term project. Because elsewhere projects mostly last only a few months. Whereas we participate in our “mandates” over the course of many years.

What’s the deadline for receiving my application?

We don’t have application deadlines. You can apply any

time of the year.

How do I submit my application?

You can apply via mail, email, or online.

What documentation do you need?

At a minimum, your application should include the following: A cover letter in which you briefly introduce yourself and your motivation for working with the TGISC®, a résumé, and copies of your credentials (diplomas, degrees, transcripts, etc.), as well as evidence of internships, any employer references.

Application tips

Can I apply even if I haven’t studied economics?

Of course! Many TGISC® employees did not study economics.

What are the THOMSEN GROUP employment criteria?

Are you highly motivated and a self-starter? That’s important. We also expect excellent grades. We are less concerned with what your major was. Ideally, you will have proven your interest in business through one or more internships. You should have excellent German and English language skills. But that’s not all.
Application tips

Do you give preference to applicants from certain universities?

No. Nor do we distinguish between private and public universities.

Can I apply even if I’ve already had a job?

Yes, of course!

Can I apply for an internship?

Yes. Our internships.

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