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Our Internships.

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Would you like to work for the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®, and want to know whether you can find the job of your dreams here? Internships and entry level programs are available at any time and with any degree. Our internships run for 6 months and can only be shorter in exceptional, substantiated cases.

Important: Our internships are always tailored to your individual educational situation. And since TGISC® is not your ordinary strategy consultancy, a lot of things run differently here. A good example: With us, strategy and consulting are two separate departments. While strategy creates the solid foundation, consulting provides the interdisciplinary practice. This way, we accompany our clients along their path of success over the course of years or even decades.

Anyone interested in becoming a trainee can find the basic information here. If this challenge isn’t enough for you, take a look at our entry level programs for advanced students and graduates.

Strategy internship.

In the strategy department, we develop the content and the process using our innowait system. Consulting (which you can become familiar with in the consulting or multidisciplinary internship) then takes over the implementation. In the strategy internship, you become part of our interdisciplinary strategy team and accompany one to two strategy phases from beginning to end, i.e., until the development of 5PAmplify®. Depending on your individual circumstances and prior experience, you will take on tasks that require various degrees of responsibility.

Regardless of which program you choose, you will become familiar with the future research of TGICS® – FutureAssets® – as well as the video-based primary market research – LiveResearch® – which, as a team member, you can also help to implement comprehensively right away. Skills in creative problem solving approaches are just as necessary as having initiative and dedication. It’s preferable if you already have some basic experience in – or at the very least, a fascination with – conducting research, which can be built upon and turned into a professional skill. Last but not least, you are naturally creative and contribute your own ideas in the analysis and design of the innowait strategy. And one thing that’s particularly important to us: From the very first day, you are a full-fledged member of the team – with contact to our clients.

Consulting internship.

An important part of the innowait system is 5PAmplify® and the challenge of implementing it, which you can be a part of. From the very first day, you are a part of our team and as such, you will first become familiar with the innowait strategy for each client. Once you have obtained sufficient background knowledge, you will then be equipped with what you need to fuel us with ideas that are as creative as they are practical. Experience existing projects up close and be there for the birth of new ones. Enjoy the fascinatingly inspiring environment of the TGISC®! You will immediately assume responsibility and distinguish yourself through your exceptional dependability and strength of character. In this day-to-day business, your interactions with clients and contractors will become more professional. In addition, you will also begin developing and coordinating your own longer-term small projects. As such, you will enhance your personal profile: Your research, preparation, communication, and presentation skills. Take the next step in your career! Apply now!

Multidisciplinary Internship.

As a strategic consultancy, we recommend the multidisciplinary internship. Here, you’ll become extensively familiar with the TGISC® work from every angle. You will be a part of both an innowait strategy phase (see Strategy Internship) as well as part of the implementation of 5PAmplify® (see Consulting Internship) and with it, you will cultivate a complete package of skills. You will enhance your analytical abilities and the strategic planning of all business activity and at the same time you will improve your soft skills through interacting with your team and customers. The multidisciplinary internship offers the best of what TGISC® has to offer in a single program.

Most choose one of our entry-level-programs
as an alternative to an internship.

Trial internship for future trainees.

With this internship, you work with the groups of your choice. Enjoy the fascinating and inspiring world of the TGISC®. If you are self-starting, if you can work toward the goal of assuming responsibilities within an interdisciplinary team as quickly as possible, if you want to work on challenging assignments, and above all if you want to earn a one-of-a-kind internship, we welcome your application.
Programs last at least 4 to 8 weeks.

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