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Why us?

We develop unique solutions whether you’re a global corporation or a startup. Your common ground: You are not looking for a generalist. Rather, you require specialists who can develop (highly successful) market strategies. With a system that is unmatched by any in the world...at least that’s what our customers say.

Customers, kings, or patients?

Our customers? No, that reminds us too much of the “customer is king” cliché. Patients? No, that sounds too unhealthy, even though the Hyppocratic oath’s demand for confidentiality between doctor and patient comes pretty close to our demand for responsibility and confidentiality. So we call the companies we work for our “clients”. This term, which is frequently used by lawyers, reminds us that although business consultants usually don’t have the same legal obligation to uphold an attorney-client privilege, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and will always maintain the highest level of professional secrecy.

Where we refuse to compromise.

For us, the client’s interests, not those of TGISC®, take center stage: we keep our focus on the long-term. We can assure our own future only by ensuring the success of our clients. Never by making the quick and easy sale.

And this is one point where we absolutely refuse to compromise. For example, recently we turned down a million-dollar contract in southern Europe because our work would be based on unfounded directives rather than on validated methodologies. A first-class solution is always more important to us than a first-class fee. Not that we turn up our noses at the latter. But given the choice, we always choose the better solution. This is probably a very good example of what “dignity” means to the TGISC®.

And by the way, it’s one of the character traits held in esteem by the citizens of Hamburg.

A second point where we refuse to compromise is motivation. Our motivation allows us to present better solutions than other strategy consultants every single day. It’s the glue that holds us together. It’s our life blood. Anyone who works against it, anyone who lessens our motivation, anyone who throws a monkey wrench into the works, that person has seen their last day with us. Sounds brutal? The first time you speak with your new colleagues, you will understand why not only our clients, but also our employees stay with us longer than anywhere else. We won’t allow anyone to dampen our spirit!

By the way: The TGISC® welcomes mistakes.

The best (young) colleagues

It is certain that TGISC® has professionals on board. But even with respect to academic training we are ahead: More than 30% of our management is involved in teaching and training. This is not only good for the next generation, but also for our clients.

While the best graduates from international top universities join German DAX-30 or Global-100 teaching and a professorship make the difference: The assessment is learned first hand. From Mumbai to Munich top graduates join TGISC®.


Whether at the University of Kiel, the EBS Campus in Munich, named after the family Jain (the chairman of the supervisory board of the Deutsche Bank is called Anshu Jain) one of the worldwide top 100 economic universities, or at the EBS University of Business and Law in Östrich-Winkel, Germany with the institute specializing in innovation, the EBS Institute Sovereign Real Estate Innovation, asked our CEO to take over their institute management: And even if it was stylized into the ugliest word of the 20th century, humans are our most important capital in order to develop unique solutions for our clients.

Are you a dishwasher? Or exceptionally talented?

The TGISC® doesn’t put limits on personal development. We don’t find the story of the dishwasher who becomes a member of the board corny, we think it’s terrific. Of course we value a qualified education very highly.


But where you went to school is less important to us than what you achieve. At TGISC®, you have a chance even if your career doesn’t follow the standard path. It’s not without reason that two members of the TGISC® board are active on the Scholarship for Exceptional Talent in the Federal Republic of Germany, offered under the patronage of the German Federal President. We also make every effort to identify special talent. But of course that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t value your international credentials.

What about a lifetime of fascination?

You could hardly ask for a wider variety of challenging activities. Which turns our job into a lifetime of fascination.

And then there are the small things: The penthouse offices nestled under the rooftops of Hamburg, the perfect traffic connections, the innumerable parking places (for both cars and bicycles), the quality of break-times spent in the immediate vicinity, where we find ourselves even more inspired by the multicultural public. Which is probably why any thought blockages usually fall victim to a virtual wrecking ball within a week at TGISC®. Welcome to the open-minded company!

Although it’s almost impossible to describe how much fun our job is (and by that we don’t mean our HealthyFun), we’re going to try anyway:
For example, just for fun, the day before we present an innovative product development, we google our new product, and we get no hits. Logical. But the very next day, there are more than 3,000 hits!
Or another example...The CEO of a large corporation in Germany had searched unsuccessfully for a solution for an entire year. After only a few short months, the TGISC® presented the answer, and that solution exceeded all expectations just one year later. And that’s only a small taste of the innumerable examples TGISC® has to offer, all of which makes us very proud.

Join us!

Old town Dusseldorf? Oktoberfest in Munich? Or the Reeperbahn in Hamburg?

If your brand of celebrating success doesn’t include the world’s longest bar counter or isn’t limited to October, choose ‘Boomtown’ Hamburg!

Enjoy more bridges and water than in Venice, eat better sushi than in Tokyo, and creative power like in London. All in the green city of Hamburg, offering an unequaled quality of life.


You should join the TGISC®, the consulting group steeped in Hanseatic tradition.

More than 35 years ago, northern German blood finally found its way into international strategy consulting, bringing all of its best traits with it – dignity, worldliness, courage, solidity, reliability, focus, pride ...and a good dose of self-mockery!

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