Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC

Why you?

Just look in the mirror. You weren’t made for a boring job!

Yes, you’ve got great credentials. And of course you speak English. Yes, you have a lot of expertise and intellectual hunger,
and you’re ambitious. But, you are also a highly motivated team player.

Let’s talk about your new colleagues for a minute.

You can look forward to meeting your new colleagues at the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, or TGISC®. They are cosmopolitan with varied interests and are dedicated. Most have a “never-say-never” attitude written all over their face. It’s their enjoyment of their jobs that allow us to achieve so much for our clients.

Your turbo-charged personal development.

You’re looking forward to being challenged by us. Okay, sometimes things get really hairy here. But what we do every single day isn’t just fun, it’ll make you proud. And your kids, too, if you have them.
Where else can you develop with so much freedom? Yes, we support you in your career, but you’re the turbo-charge behind your own personal development. 

Want a chance to advance?

TGISC® offers you advancement opportunities, even to become a managing partner, as long as you can identify with the old, but completely modern, virtues held in such esteem in Hamburg...virtues like style, dignity, and courage. And they don’t just move you forward, they move something else quite distinctly upward: Your smile.

The strong make no mistakes.
The stronger learn from theirs. Why our employees get to the top faster.

Success isn’t achieved by trying to avoid mistakes; it’s achieved by working harder than the rest. Sure, mistakes can happen. That’s okay with us. But any given mistake should happen only once. Success is like climbing stairs. Step by step, you get closer to the top. A mistake might cause you to pause briefly on a step. But because you don’t make the same mistake twice, you soon move on to the next step. (And by the way, climbing stairs is healthy exercise ...
But you can read more about that under HealthyFun.)

Is your employer as fit?

The special program for the employees of the TGISC®.  

More about HealthyFun

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