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Our references in black and white.


In order to assure you that our system is not only leading in theory but also with a very practical approach, please read the following case studies and the ways we found solutions for the challenges of our clients. All examples are evidence where innovative products have revolutionized their respective markets, even internationally.


Common fact: All were developed by the THOMSEN GROUP. 

The milk, that is long lasting.


1989 the TGISC developed the ESL milk.

More about ELS milk

And remains longer fresh.


13 years before Starbucks' first coffee was sold we identified FutureAssets®: an increase of singles who have less time for shopping, but are more up for little daily luxury like a cappuccino.


More about foamable, more tasty milk

A future shopping type. 


Consumer markets are changing.

More about ZIP shopping

ZIP shopping: means to attract style groups.


In the consumer sector success or failure of retail concepts can be seen nearly without time lag.

More about ZIP-Shopping

The world’s first responsibility city.


More about GreenCity

Because it’s not only about the economic responsibility.


In 8 minutes to the central station of Zurich: TGISC® developed trendsetting urban development concept.

More about GreenCity

A wet-dry electric razor

impends to go down ...


More about the most hygienic electric razor ihn world

A sword in men's face. A true-blue hero who is loved by women.


What men think of themselves when shaving wet. Why women are  identified as the target group.


The TGISC® solution für Panasonic

Bad atmosphere in the vacuum.


Top-price segment vacuum cleaner was like lead on the shelves.

The solution of the TGISC®

Vacuum cleaner for better parents.


Others made a mark by vacuum power. And blew dust and pollen back out again.

Why parents can hesitatingly let their kids crawl on the carpet

K-LAN. The Knowledge Network.


Working where the heart of innovation beats - next to the clients. An entire industry at one single place - research and development.

More about K-LAN

More Cases


The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® developed a city within a city. In order to avoid a declining population in Germany, we need kids. And qualified people - in a dimension that women in leadership positions are needed like never before. No suprise they are getting more picky like their colleagues: At which company to remain and a healthy work life balance, where being a mother and a career is possible? They want the city - no traffic, no commuting, no rush our. All this you can find at the Unternehmerstadt. 

To the Case

Frankfurt office center.

With almost 1 million m2 of unrented space in Frankfurt and 15,000 m2 of this in the property of our client, FBC, TGISC® succeeded with an innovation offensive to stop the wave of lease cancelations within 3 months and to achieve full leasing within 9 months.

We will gladly send you further information.


Deutsche Telekom.

From offices which were planned by London star architects, TGISC® developed almost a hundred "first villas on the 15th floor”): the skylight. That is exclusive high rise living in a downtown area. With a scarcity strategy 50% of the apartments were sold within 10 days and 50% long before completion.
As an example, you can find further information in the television report from Stern-TV, which we will gladly send you.

NASDAQ listed market leader for payroll accounting.

Paychex comes from New York. And wanted with a pricing strategy for their payroll services of less than 7 Euro per month and employee (instead of an average of 13.50 Euro with German tax advisors) to take the European Market by storm. TGISC® identified the problem. Decision makers did not believe in the high quality at such a low price. The solution: a new determined pricing strategy of 8.80 Euro with the LiveResearch® of TGISC®. That was the most important step taken by TGISC® to achieve a successful solution to the Paychex assignment. Europe, choose us!


One of the preventive medicines developed by the TGISC® under guarantor's liability of the Free State of Bavaria.We will gladly send you further information.


Health and fitness is a market of the future. However, while almost 15% of the inhabitants of other European countries attend health clubs, in Germany this number is less than half of that. Therefore, new members are the most important target group. This target group does not like "muscle factories" and the usual prices are often much too high for them, especially if one on occasion does not visit the studio for one or two months. Against this background, TGISC® developed the first discount fitness concept. Soon to be found throughout Europe, wellyou succeeds where others fail. While the competition wins only 15% of new members, wellyou acquires much more than 60%. With a monthly price of only 16.80 Euro. With the highest quality and pleasant members, wellyou is deemed to be the success concept.
We will gladly send you further information. 

Where Porsche and Mercedes are at home.

One of the biggest projects in Southern Germany. Nearly 1 million square meters of floor space, 1,000 m3 lake, 1,000 apartments and up to 10,000 jobs are arising close to the Autobahn A81 near Stuttgart and at the same time the largest forest area of ​​Baden-Wuerttemberg. 


Here, where life and living quality, near City, research, development and business, as well as entertainment are not mutually exclusive, two cities choose TGISC® . Sindelfingen and Boeblingen, showing in the city ranking of the Stuttgart region, the positions 1 and 2, had been fascinated in the past renowned global player, Daimler, Bosch and Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Philips.


Where in 1929 the airship Graf Zeppelin landed took off from the airfield, a few years after the acquisition of the 80 ac area of the Federal Republic of Germany, the future. 


Many criteria have to comply with the Hanseatic League in the strongest economic region in southwest Germany. With success. No votes against was the mandate of the TGISC® with the current nationwide as a model, inter-urban solidarity. In the highly professional, but also complex system of TGISC® of all to Swabia addressed, smiles Prof. Bernd Thomsen, CEO and chairman: "There is nothing more economical than investing in the future! ... "

Good prospects for the state chancellery of Hessen.

The face of the state capital of Wiesbaden changed with the long-term strategic advice of the TGISC®. Directly across the State Chancellery rised, in this top location with an investment volume of around 100 million euros, up to 47,000 inner-city square meter in commercial properties.


After the symbiosis of the Hanseatic League from solid future research (FutureAssets®) and film analyzed market research (LiveResearch®) won in the past already impressed credentials. In Switzerland and in Baden-Württemberg, now the state of Hessen, hired TGISC®, which applies their innowait system as a global market leader. The fully leased property ensemble across the park in Wiesbaden acquired and equipped with a capital of € 8,500,000.00, listed IFM Immobilien AG from Heidelberg and Frankfurt by the R + V Versicherung. This remains limited as a tenant of the property. The listed IFM Immobilien AG has performed outstandingly according to the Handelsblatt, even in turbulent times (see Handelsblatt graphics) against known global players.

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