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In 2011 the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® developed with the K-LAN concept another innovative holistic development strategy in the office property segment. The property consists 15 000 sm in a tight submarket of Düsseldorf, marked by 185 000 sm space vacancy, combined with an surpassing concentration of companies in the information and telecommunications industries. A strong potential because for example Düsseldorf with 35% of all business start-ups in Germany in the IT industry is one of our IT capitals. The good substance and structure of the property was so far not sufficient profiling in an immediate environment that offers a few starting points in terms of supply, catering, and quality of stay. The existing tenant was moving in a price-willingness witch was under the acceptable limits. Therefor the object had no real estate marketing but with (strategic) content profiled and placed on the market.

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