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Since this mandate is "long-life" for us more than milk which we developed.

In 1989 we developed long-life fresh milk (thus milk that lasts longer than fresh milk and fresher as durable milk), because we identified FutureAssets®, that would require a new milk product: a significant increase of singles that would have less time for shopping, but wish to have little daily luxuries like a cappuccino,13 years before Starbucks' first coffee shop opened in Berlin.



Originally, the "long-life fresh" stood for a product innovation developed by us, but now also for one of our guiding principles: Our innovations should achieve immediate market success. And: securing for longer time, in short: make it remain longer fresh.

How innowait created success:

What would move people in 2050?


Our future research identifies first and foremost the FutureAssets®, that will move your clients in 2050.


1. The singlelization would considerably increase. Particularly in cities.


2. The purchasing behaviour would develop in two different directions. On the one hand shopping will become a time investment and would also increase under experience aspects, more and more. On the other hand to cover the basic demands, as for example potatoes, eggs or milk. The possibility and as well the attendence to invest time would decrease. The singles would be living in modified habits, realizing a later start of work, but also a subsequent end of work. So, for the basic needs there would be fewer and fewer shopping options available. (After work the shops are already closed.)


3.The third identified social development described products that form the lifestyle of singles in the future. The daily cappuccino or coffee latte will occur, the presence of coffee shops in inner cities as well, but also the espresso machine in the kitchen at home. (17 years before Nespresso actually reported success rates.)


What would fascinate already today?


These three social developments led the TGISC® to the product innovation „longer-life of milk“ which was verified afterwards with the market research program LiveResearch® with which also the nonverbal communication of the consumers, but also the trading partner, was examined.


On this occasion, it turned out that for many consumers already in 1989 fresh milk was not durable enough and long-life milk was not fresh enough. Substantial criticism of long-life milk was, due to the opinion of the consumers, the poor taste. On the other hand, fresh milk would, so our forecast, be criticized for the poor foamability, a major product feature of lifestyle coffee specialities.


What was decisive for the market success?


On this basis the longer freshness milk was developed, so the product which is longer long-lasting (and better foamable) as fresh, but more freshly (and before all things also more tasty) as long-lasting milk. Now our realization program 5PAmplify® indicated what is vital for the market success of this innovation. From the perfect price up to the actual distribution.


This innovative product experienced a rapid victory. (It is storage temperature-independent up to 21 days in closed packaging. In comparison, fresh milk keeps for up to 7 days. "Our“ milk also has a higher vitamine content. Delivery frequency could be reduced considerably, which also is environmentally worthwhile.


If you want to know it more precisely.



"Our" milk also has a higher vitamine content.
The partially known abbreviation "ESL" stands for "extended shelf life", longer shelf life on the shelf. Instantly the consumers were convinced, also the client, because of more attractive margins and a significant competitive differentiator. And the trade conceded shelf space, particularly because of the benefits regarding distribution structure and flow of goods. Delivery frequency could be reduced considerably, which also is environmentally worthwhile. Already a few years ago all over Europe discount grocery stores eventually dropped fresh milk off their lists, and carry the product of TGISC®, the longer shelf life product, some also call it maxi fresh or extra fresh.
Coffee shops are everywhere today in the city, espresso machines are also home equpiment and to many a matter of course.

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