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Vacuum cleaner for better parents.

This manufacturer asked us to take on the following assignment:


They had launched an advanced vacuum cleaner on the market, in the high-price segment. It was supposed to cost the equivalent of EUR 400, and was sitting on store shelves like lead. The competition was offering vacuum cleaners on the market starting at EUR 69.

The question was whether this vacuum cleaner should be taken off the market, or if it might be possible for it to become successful after all with a changed market strategy.

How innowait created the success:

What would move people in 2050?


FutureAssets® identified four social trends that were important to the future product development process:


1. Target groups that were defined based solely on sociodemographic data will become style groups with identical lifestyles despite different sociodemographic origins.


2. These lifestyles include a rising willingness to spend on short vacation getaways.


3. Having children will be “in” again.


4. In connection with this, pregnancy will become significantly more important to women, and the trend toward greater domesticity that comes with a family will lead to a larger portion of the household budget being available for products instead of flowing toward things like a trip to a different city.


5. Allergies will increase.

What would fascinate already today?



These social trends led TGISC® to the product innovation of the “vacuum cleaner for better parents,” which was subsequently verified using the LiveResearch® market research program, in which the nonverbal communication of both consumers and retail partners was also examined.

It turned out during this that expectant parents from the abovementioned style groups with a high willingness to spend on short vacation getaways, when faced with the different life situation of an approaching birth, use the financial standard applied to their previous travels to apply to purchases for the baby. In addition, these parents perceive products (such as strollers) as being especially important during this stage of their lives due to their strong emotional connection with the birth. The child becomes the central focus of their lives. The very best for the baby is only just good enough.

It goes without saying that these parents strongly emphasize health and hygiene. But in the case of vacuum cleaners, neither factor was previously satisfied. Instead, development focused primarily on products with high suction performance, without focusing to any particular degree on filters. In other words, the dust was vacuumed out of the carpet down to the last tiny particle, but due to lack of a high-quality filter, most of the dust was just spread evenly back into the air.

What was vital for market success?



This was the basis for developing the vacuum cleaner for “better parents.” The existing product offered good preconditions in terms of quality, but a different filter was needed. This example shows that some products require changes in order to accommodate the long-term requirements of the market. The change in the product made it possible to tap into not one, but two market segments: parents who could now let their babies crawl on the floor with a clear conscience, and also parents of older children and adolescents, to whom allergy-related topics are especially important.

Our 5PAmplify® realization program then showed what was crucial to the market success of this innovation. Here is just one example:


It was possible to go entirely without expensive advertising. Instead, our presence strategy was aimed at parents right where they would be most likely to consider the topic of children and hygiene: at their obstetrician’s or pediatrician’s office.


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