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The most hygienic electric razor in world.

Even after a million dollar campaign, an advertising agency was not able to make the "wet-dry razor" from Panasonic successful. The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® was requested to assess, by means of the innowait system whether it could be prevented to take or not taking the product from the market due to its lack of success. Although: Panasonic's engineers had managed to make a razor that is completely waterproof, which was sold as a "wet-dry-shaver", the product failed in the market.

How innowait created success:

What would move people in 2050?


The future research program FutureAssets® identified far future product development two important social development:


1. The role of women in society will increase (the relevance of womens purchasing decisions will rise as well).


2. The image of men as rational people will change. Emotionality will not only be accepted but also guide product usage.


What would fascinate already today?


Therefore, we first looked deeply into the psyche of men who use a dry shaver and men who use a wet shaver. Are there perhaps important differences? The results of our representative psychographic study: the laid-back man uses a dry shaver. He wants to be quick and uncomplicated. The "real man", however, used wet shavers. He often sees himself (and often unconsciously) as a cool guy, who shaves his face with a bare blade, a guy who women run after; a real man. These results clearly show that a product that looks like a dry shaver is in no way suitable for men who shave wet. Then we asked a question that was somehow irritating: Who is the target group? We found out that often not men who buy shavers for themselves, but women. As a gift for men. Very often bought before Christmas.


And what do women associate with dry shavers? The little beard stubbles that land, e.g. on their own sink counter or in their toiletries bag. They find this disgusting.


What was vital for market success?



On this basis, we developed a new product. However, one which did not even need to have one little screw changed. We changed the product only in the minds of the target group.


As of that day, it was: The most hygienic dry shaver in the world.

And as the previous price did not justify the factual (and for women, in their decision-buyer relevant function) premium performance, we suggested a price correction of 25% upwards.


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