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The "Unternehmerstadt" in Dusseldorf.

From deprived area to an in-district.

An area where Rheinmetall AG used to produce arms materials, surrounded by a Mercedes-factory, a 4-lane redial highway and by the biggest penitentiary of the county-capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Copartners and politics align themselves with the "Unternehmerstadt", that develops in record time. Today proactive people are living and working here. The "Unternehmerstadt" is with regards to content, business and economics considered to be a role- and success-model.

How innowait created success:

What would move people in 2050?


The unemployment of western industrial nations is going to decrease due to the demographic development, for (highly) qualified labour even close to zero. There'll be a battle for these top-performers (especially women), that can only be won by companies that are attractive for employees. At the same time the demands from the qualified, that are extremely proactive, towards employer and work place are going to increase substantially: they are looking for, so-called subjectifying and for them highly attractive, activity and recognition.


What would fascinate already today?


Already today, it's difficult for companies to find proactive top-performers. These employees don't want to commute, but rather to live and work in the middle of the city. Subjectifying is already observable today.


What was decisive for the market success?


A new city for living and working in the middle of Dusseldorf, that attracts proactive people and is attractive for qualified women too. And because, already today, 50% of these women have no children (as opposed to the lower qualified where only 20% are without children) and those who have children are having trouble with cild-care: a kids-hotel, that also offers support for a business travel of both parents on short notice, even during the night. The willingness to pay increases due to the strategy, so that prices can develop that are similar to A-locations, despite the (previous) B-location. Future-orientated companies are seeing this city as their new home and as a magnet for top-perfomers, that are especially important to them. Hence partners for a Rheinmetall-joint venture can be found which create this city. The media is reporting about this new city. It's called "Unternehmerstadt" (city of entrepreneurs), because it's made for people that are proactive, just like entrepreneurs. Systematically inform, integrate and motivate copartners and politics to be a part of this.

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The THOMSEN GROUP developed the following product strategy:
Thereby Germany do not shrinkage to dwarf, we do need children.
And qualified people – that much also the top women are needed. No wonder that they, like their colleagues, becoming picky: Which company to remain and work life-balance, where child and career are both possible? You want the city instead of its traffic, no commuting, no rush hours. You will find all of them in the ''Unternehmerstad''. One's own initiative and career-oriented people from the ''Unternehmerstad'' take their lives into their own hands, so to speak they are life-entrepreneurs. With the same ideals as the self-employed or employed entrepreneurs in the business of the ''Unternehmerstadt''.

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