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For us no peanuts: The best known Mall of Germany.

In 2008 developed the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® for the best known German shopping mall, the Zeilgalerie, in one of the best known purchasing situations of Germany, the Frankfurt Zeil, a trendsetting shopping innovation. In separation of the concept undirected rather up to now and taking into account the architectural challenges of the vertically jointed mall the leading concept ZIP shopping developed attraction for retailer off the usual chain storing uniformity - and at the same time huge magnet potential, in particular for young consumer whose purchasing behaviour with customary categories was not to be registered any more.

How innowait created the success:

What would move the people in 2050?


The futurology program FutureAssets® identified three social developments important for sustainable centre concepts:


1. The Renaissance of the towns with her purchasing kinds which become stages individually of produced lifestyles.


2. The uniformity of the chain stores shaped city centres whose uniformity can move the target groups increasingly careful on graphic individualism less and less for the purchase.


3. The fact that shopping centre, they also want to be in future attractively for consumers her concepts must think over in support of the change of consumption motives radically. Growing individualism wishes show only one facet of new consumption wishes. At the same time mutates of the Point of Sale to the social heave with "loose" meeting point character in the identity management takes place.


In addition, a centre has to go, it wants to increase the retention period of the consumers significantly not only offer innovative shops, but also offers hold ready which exceed the customary offer of a shopping centre far. Public communication surfaces count to it, as well as the integration of cultural offers which the experience demands of modern town strollers serve.

What would fascinate of it already today?


The market research program LiveResearch® revealed in the comparison with the identified FutureAssets® other facets of modern consumer behaviour whose imbedding in the development strategy determining market advantages released and are valid for a lot of centre and retailers today as prepictorial. Thus the LiveResearch® an unaware barrier identified with common shopping tours of couple. In particular male interview partners stated that the felt endless waiting for her women is in way while selecting and trying on new fashion, common shopping trips. By the establishment of the attractive offers which can serve the distraction of the male servicing their frustration threshold can be considerably raised - and to one for both adequate shopping experiences the way is paved. On the basis of this LiveResearch® knowledge as for example the installation of small, externally pursued coffee advertisements developed the TGISC® crossover concept modules in a women's boutique which satisfies then, nevertheless, maskuline demands in the main focus as by the ready position of suitable print media is good and simply representable. This knowledge stands according to the identified FutureAsset® of the resolution of classical shop borders. In addition, modern consumers also, however, wish more haptic experience. In demarcation too traditionally to known expenses the participants of the LiveResearch ® the attractive goods presentations which appeal to all senses wished. It should be able to be experienced touched, tries out and - also in this a strong differentiation sign exists in the today's Zeilgalerie to the competition in Frankfurt.


What was vital for the market success?


On this basis of the TGISC® the developed estimate of the ZIP shopping with which like with a zipper (Zipper) formerly separate offers of utilisation from the areas of retail trade, catering trade and also culture are united orders of a so high innovation degree that the Zeilgalerie in spite of more different retail developments understood on site in the origin (for example, the directly bordering mall "My Zeil"), from announcement of the new strategy, enormously strong surface demand registered. Under the deliberate retention the centre fire which found out about an enormously high fame council ordered ones the mall 180 degrees turn-around which formed the foundation-stone of her today's market success. To make the potential of the future centre strategy handy, with the Z-room a showroom was installed which makes the future Look-and-Feel of the mall readable, because central, newly thinking component formed the surface concept of the Zeilgalerie in which measured in the wishes of the consumers changes appropriate for demand of the mall were made readable. In addition counts from the TGISC® developed paradigm of the cross storing, with the originally contradicting retail concepts how in the LiveResearch® investigates, are melted with each other. The Z-room served not only to attract consumers for the future, but also to appeal directly to interested retailers which retreat from the stereotyped chain storing uniformity of the direct surroundings, and to be able to arise enthusiasm for the future change of the mall. Nevertheless, the change taking place in the mall should be made readable also externally. In this train a transformation of the facade recommended the TGISC® to the owner in congruence with the shopping motives of the target groups. Today she forms with gigantic, freely recordable LED surface the visual anchor of Germany of the best known shopping street which protrudes from the offer of the direct sphere clearly and unfolds thus a huge magnet effect. It was distinguished with the RedDot design Award. Success was quick identifying, this nearly exclusively with the tenants not represented up to now in Frankfurt who could decide only thanks to the ZIP concept on this shopping location.


If you want to know it more precisely.


In connection with one of Germany's largest bankruptcies Hilmar Kopper, Deutsche Bank, refered to DM 50 million craft bills as "peanuts". The cause of the collapse, the Zeilgalerie, thus became also the best-known shopping mall in Germany.


Several owners later the TGISC® has developed a new concept entitled "Zip-shopping".

Much like a zipper formerly separated, also international use options from retail, gastronomy and culture are brought together in the Zeilgalerie in future. The result is a diversity of range and innovation.

You need to see this.

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