Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC

Examples of our success control.

A couple of tasks. And the successes.

Deutsche Telekom.

The task:

Please check the correctness of the recent project development.

Achieve fast market successes.

Create a successful estate in the long run.


The result:

100% of the finacial trade floors rented to UBS an dir UBS (sixth biggest bank in the world).

50% of all apartments sold within 10 days.

100% of the apartments sold before finalization.



More product innovations than any other competitor.


The task:

(In recent years 50% of all bakeries have vanished from the market.)

Make us ready for the future.


The result:

A multipliable, sustainable Food-concept with unique product strategies. High profitability.



The first skyscraper in the city of Frankfurt.


The task:

Stop the (in a difficult competition-environment with vacancies of nearly 1 mio sqm in Frankfurt a.M. and already 15.000 sqm in the FBC) wave of cancelations in the FBC.


The result:

Stop of the cancellations within 3 months. Completely rented out after 9 months.



Worldwide everything that connects to a power outlet.


The task:

Make our shaver a success (at last)!

(…, After even a wealthy millions campaign did not achieve success.)


The result:

Budget: reduced. Market share: increased. Growth of revenue +45%.



The first successful vertical shopping mall In Germany.


The task:

Make rent-, revenue-, and visitor-success for the shopping center Sevens at Düsseldorf Kö possible.


The result:

Considerable increase of the overall object value.

Popularity increases from 52% to 80%.

Share of rent-outs: 98,9%

Revenue plus with double figures year over year.



Highly expansive player in the international health.


The task:

Develop a completely new business concept for the leisure industry.


The result:

The return on investment was already achieved in less than 4 months.
Within 5 months the base of members had tripled!

Today up to 1,200 registrations per opening weekend.

AND 6,000 members per outlet.


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