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Our "finance" consultancy cluster is comprised of the
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This consultancy cluster has the chance to reap huge benefits from new opportunities in digitization. These days, digitization offers the consumer the benefits of increasing amounts of information and transparency of competitor processes and quality, putting competitors under more performance and pricing pressure. Innovation, however, leads to a better value-for-money ratio and the opportunity to rebuild damaged trust. Insurance and asset managers are the guardians of personal and corporate securities. For us, this means that the customer always remains in the center of our focus in every segment of this cluster and is the center of all strategic planning and actions.

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The financial services industry is getting more and more complex and is being faced with a business environment that is currently undergoing structural changes from the ground up. After the economic crisis, financial service providers got closer to customers, who place a lot of value on the security of their portfolios and seek trustworthy business relations. The growth perspectives in the various areas of the market are subject to FutureAssets®, which define the central future prospects. Here, digitization and technization act as drivers of innovation – even for the promotion of financial services. To what extent will doing business via mobile devices accelerate the brick and mortar bank even further? Which kind of customer is looking for short-term engagements, and which kind is looking for long-term engagements? TGISC's® LiveResearch® can answer this and other questions.

In the future, more and more government regulations will interfere with daily business, also internationally. On this volatile playing field characterized by limited growth, consolidation and stability will form a success formula for portfolio design and development. Customers are no longer looking to invest where they will receive the highest returns, but rather for resilient yields resistant to the effects of inflation and high volatility. Such investments include more and more things like art and other tangible assets. The THOMSEN GROUP innowait system is a valuable tool in this segment which helps to promote the design and marketing of innovative and creative financial products, to attract and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction strategies and to create sustainable systems, which escort customers into the dynamic capital market of the 21st century.

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Insurance providers find themselves in a more or less saturated market in Germany, while the rest of Europe enjoys fairly homogeneous development opportunities. How can you innovate even more in this industry without simply expanding further into the international business market? Technization and digitization are promoting more opportunities these days than this sector is prepared to handle. Mobile communication, social networks and transparency pressure could, for example, be turned into new forms of end customer interaction and lead to pinpointing of new products. Changed life styles and milieus, especially when it comes to the younger target groups, who normally ignore the usual presentation of classic products and sales, are a reason to begin thinking creatively – demographic change and individualization not only affect insurers due to a lack in specialized staff but also because of new customer demands.

In addition, there are new and different risks now in the 21st century than there were just 20 years ago. The THOMSEN GROUP FutureAssets® allow you to take a peek into this unpredictable future and define guidelines for insurers on strategic business activities. LiveResearch® is targeted at the exact demands of very specific target groups. Having the innowait system designed in this way makes it suitable for the complexity of the industry, which is currently facing a changing reality – in Germany with lots of regulation and re-regulation. Customer activities will also only be partially processed online in the future. However, brokers and independent sales agents have yet to implement such adjustments to direct sales to keep up with the social, political, economic and technical revolutions taking place right now.

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The business services segment has big potential. Due to increasing opportunities in digitization and technization, companies are now faced with the question of how to take advantage of these opportunities in a targeted, efficient and innovative way – in order to reduce costs, simplify and professionalize processes or to ensure employee satisfaction. The development of suitable systems is always an extremely individual challenge for every company in every industry. But it is not only technology that influences what happens in the market and enables the development of tailored and holistic problem-solving approaches.

Shifting communication conditions within and between companies are also developing ‒ something which is brought about especially by the demographic change. This change is complemented by global networking between various (corporate) cultures. Consultancy and innovation in the area of business services does not only apply to operative implementations but also to qualitative consideration of seamless collaboration.


Payroll accounting, for example. The US-based worldwide market leader in payroll accounting, Paychex Inc., entering the European market, which we were hired to support throughout, demonstrates the importance of the complexity of this issue. Contrary to the theory the market can only be developed with the best entry level price, our LiveResearch® showed price to bear risks as well as an opportunity to perceive the quality of the services offered. The optimal entry level price for their payroll service validated in the process was identified at a level which, though planning for 6.99 Euro, was not to be less than 8.80 Euro.

In its overall evaluation the product developed such conviction that tax advisors – a medium of credibility for local markets in the form of AdviserBoards – were won over as multipliers. Interestingly, LiveResearch® identified tax advisors, who often handle payroll accounting for their clients, were by no means competitors. Instead, payroll accounting was a deficit business for them but a tactical tool means for customer loyalty in order to implement lucrative services, perhaps financial. With this we had revealed a partnership model since Paychex doesn’t offer any other competing services. The AdviserBoards became unparalleled distribution catalysts, often making traditional distribution measures unnecessary. Individualized, sensible distribution took place in harmony with the product’s promise of high quality and additionally potentiated consumers attributing the product enormous credibility.


Of course, all clients enjoy maximum confidentiality with us. Many prefer even more protection which extends to stating the client’s name. We are, of course, happy to take account of this request. Therefore, below you will find some selected statements of our clients. References.

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