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Our consulting cluster “Energy“ stands for the oil, gas, raw materials, electricitiy, water and wind.


How to use the opportunities of liberalized markets, how to harmonize business philosophies after the share deal and how to inspire your growth with product innovations. This and more in our energy portal.


Our consulting cluster, Energy, includes the segments, resources and branches producing raw materials. This includes oil, gas, electricity, water, wind, as well as raw materials. Inevitably, there are contact points in these markets between the aspects of conventional resource extraction, as well as the extraction of renewable energies and alternative processes for resource-efficient extraction of raw materials. As a replacement in the age of information, we have the characteristic of the six Kondratieff cycle: the advancement of green technologies to leading technologies. In view of the challenges of the 21st century, these provide the crucial impulse for the total development of society.

THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® has possessed profound expertise in these areas for 30 years. In the following, we differentiate between the conventional and green approach.

Extractive Industry

Like virtually no other economic sector, the entire raw material industry is subject to increasing price pressure. The doomsday predictors spread one shortage thesis after the other and increasingly kindle the atmosphere on the new investment markets. And not only in the area of industrial raw materials: in this context, let us just think about the hedge fund activities and the quota in the area of constantly new raw material investment products. The tolerance threshold appears to be very high in this context if, for example, you take a concrete look at the agricultural raw material speculation. The once upward price spiral is now defined as self-propelled. Evident method in an area that is regarded as the propellant of the global national economies.


In this day and age, geostrategic sensitive business management is a central asset of the economic ability of companies in these industries. However, that makes these segments extremely susceptible on all company-relevant influence levels. The political proneness to crisis on resource markets illustrates, in this context, an enormous imponderable of long-term, entrepreneurial planning, as well as the risks that are connected to many resource extraction technologies - high risk technologies. The Deepwater Horizon seriously burdened these industry representatives and places the handling rationality of an entire industry in question.


In the complex mixed use area of national, government-securing of resources, sometimes, in some countries, raw material trends just roll right on by. In the meantime, under the delayed aspect of securing raw material avenues of the rare earths’ material groups, FutureAssets® for the future industries, Germany has had to realize that it misjudged the signs of the times - it is even less known that there are also sources of this economic elixir of life in Germany, which will be demanded increasingly in the future. Even though it is not a voluminous occurrence as in the Rare-Earth-Material-Mines in Asia, still, present potential in our own country remains completely unrecognized. The most obvious indicator of the growing demand is the continuously growing demand and the high innovative pressure, e.g. in the area of Consumer Electronics. Currently, the supply situation of 13 raw mineral materials is regarded as “critical” to “very critical”. The consequences for the companies active in these segments cannot yet be predicted - just as little, the consequences for the companies that are depending on their output.


In the context of the topic raw materials, it is not just all about the basic factors of economic processes, rather it is also about individual interests. Today, he/she who thinks about his/her individual mobility in the future, will think about his/her health in the future tomorrow as well. The key word is water. Meanwhile, it is undisputed that the newest, diverse international hot spot can be traced back to the battle for this natural resource. Entrepreneurial monopolization attempts are massively critized and polarize from an overall societal standpoint. TGISC® recognized the relevance of this topic about two decades ago. The products of the clients of this Consulting Cluster are used meanwhile globally in development areas for rapid testing of water quality, as well as for treating water as drinking water. Work with us on the individual future of your business base.

Green Sourcing & Procurement.

Even though a large green-tech bubble has burst in the context of the solar industry: especially considering scarce occurrence of resources, innovations are needed today, which allow for the decoupling of the above-illustrated dependencies. The central asset of green technologies is the claim to neutralization of the above-illustrated problems. Especially integrated technology approaches in these areas are distinguished by their strength - minimizing the loss of natural resources and in fact, their efficiency in maximizing the same.


On a European level, innovation friendliness should be supported from the governments. Of the six in the Lead-Market-Initiative defined markets, alone four refer to the area Green-Tech. Whether or not these efforts to take down innovation barriers are actually sustainable remains to be seen. Even if Germany would like to carry the image of the home of Green-Technologies in the future, China especially illustrates its future, serious aspirations for the leading role in this segment. This is due to the massive institutional commitment to support these markets. Thereby, the identification of optimization options that are not along the value chain and that are not in the improvement of in-house energy efficiency performance, must be sought. Contrary to the view of many of our consulting colleagues. Innovation barriers are also not only exist due to a lack of national, governmental, political commitment, but rather also due to rationalities, which mutually undermine their handling procedures.

An example: On the way to securing a global flow of goods, which are processed mostly intercontinentally by means of ship, the navigability of the large, international waterways, the highways of globalization, must be secured non-stop. Thereby, securing equals maintenance. Bodies of water such as rivers are in constant motion and often carry whole material streams of various substances with them, which settle to the bottom of the bodies of water and minimize the depth of the waterway. The consequence is the necessary measure of dredging these waterways. The accruing material during these maintenance measures must naturally be regarded as special waste.

Due to even larger amounts of accruing quantities, this mutates to a disposal requirement that is nearly an unsolvable crucial question. The result:  During unfavorable tides, beach vacationers recognize this as a dark, bad smelling mud film on the sand. Marine fauna knows this waste in concentrated form as a cover similar to cement, which binds with oxygen and makes life impossible.

The fact that this mud consists of valuable raw material groups, which could be made available to the most diverse raw material processing industries and this represents, an available, however totally undeveloped raw material source, is only reluctantly discussed publicly. Especially not by the dredging companies. The background: as long as no technology with high potential for exploitation exists, no one can be obligated to the delivery of the dredged material. Thereby, the exemplary described comprehensive potentials, which offer such a leap in innovation, do not appear to be irrelevant. Without fail, the limitations of growth in this context, however also in the future, will become visible.

This corresponds to the understandable ethics of the work of TGISC®. Chance potential - making that which stands out for tomorrow usable today with the innowait-System. This is the only way strategic marketability can be comprehensively and sustainably ensured.

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