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An integral understanding of diversified challenges.

Welcome to the high tech portal.

Our consulting cluster “High Tech“ stands for media, telecommunication, hardware and software industries and for IT-services.


How to avoid millions in bad investments in a product innovation that, (surprisingly), consumers would not buy, how to implement new areas of business as a market-leading European telecommunication provider. And how to make video games for game consoles successful. This and more in our high tech-portal.

The segments of this cluster have been and still are the initiators of the overall challenges to all industries and their changes. The cycles and the pressure of innovation are nowhere else as strong as here. The examples of 5G and streaming-TV which still are far from having exploited their potentials however show that new developments not always match the consumer demand level. Sometimes they are in competition to offers of the same economic branch. You can see the other competences of THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short: TGISC® in the other seven industry portals. The benefit for our clients is that we know precisely the needs of other industries which are highly relevant for the enablers of IT-companies to identify market potentials with our support.


Frequently, the requirements of product developments in the software segment do not match the usual standards of available hardware capacities, or do not fully exploit market potential. The big players respond by integrating more and more parts of the value adding chain into their groups. The prime expertise of TGISC® hence is linking these competing areas to provide new forms of portfolio integration or organization with synergy effects. Our fellow consultants segment the market more roughly, but we think that this approach this is outdated. In our understanding this is reflected in the methods of a strategic mandate to be understood as diversified challenge to all channels: the challenge of integration.


With the continuing democratization of the internet, the entire industry faces challenges, for instance in the willingness of customers to pay certain prices. With initiatives like Open Source or the resistance against legal standards of authors, and the distribution of their products, standard distribution mechanisms have become obsolete. They require new forms. The 5PAmplify®-concept of TGISC® can respond adequately to these general requirements, and delivers holistic solutions based on future research and LiveResearch®. Actually, some of our peers speak of the cost pressure in the industry, but this cannot be understood without the globally palpable innovation pressure, which offers the only safety of market positioning to withstand pending or emerging crises.


The innovation system of TGISC® is capable, not lastly for individual account management, to verify if the corporate performance is future-proof. Are the corporate structures aligned to steady innovation processes? Are employees motivated and do they have incentives to contribute to the value adding chain with their ideas?

More information on the media segment.

The present media landscape is under pressure from all sides in portfolios and structure, and their sales potentials are being snatched away: Telecommunication providers enter the TV-market. Consumers (partly illegally) help themselves to entertainment industry content in the internet, or produce their own content. The tablet for example with its applications influences the sales of the book market. The existing structural models of this industry are being washed away, and the definition of the roles of the players is getting opaque before the background of an ever more dynamic online landscape.


Your peers are searching for strategies to protect their own business segment. We on the other hand are searching for strategies to open your portfolio for new components and innovative distribution channels. This is the only way to create adequate prices for media products and services. Those who fence themselves in against the present shift in the industry, and fail to adjust and innovate, will be left out by all stakeholders. The threats from providers who are outsiders to the industry, and the acquisition of business segments through competing producers, show the enormous development potential in the media industry. After all not fewer content is produced – but more and more!


Market players who fail to recognize the potential of the signs of the times, rigid with fear and waiting, are counted out. The innowait system of TGISC® can provide fast, flexible and complete solutions, as all 5P’s of the industry need to be legitimized. In particular our ConsumerInsights of LiveResearch® can show the characteristic needs and consumer behavior, the prices they are willing to pay, and first of all where to explore new potential.


The further development of the industry is inseparable from the Internet and the other segments of this cluster. The user is the consumer, and the consumer is the user. The stakeholders and their characteristics have to be harmonized fully and in time with the production and distribution methods of the emitters, otherwise they might use the allegiance of all involved parties (5P: People) and the related value-adding potential.

More about telecommunications.

Is this the end of the telecommunication industry with its landline and mobile phone business? The industry thinks that diversification and expansion of business activities into formerly foreign areas is the only adequate response to the developments of the last years, the price pressure and the substitute offers from different Internet providers, for instance through Voice over IP (VoIP) such as Skype.


On the one hand it is necessary to show profitable new business fields to providers, and to transfer their investment powers and know-how to other segments that are not as alien as one might think at first glance.


On the other hand, prior to re-orientation and re-structuring we have to find out the position the core business might offer, and how to develop new chances through innovations on this field. Telecommunication providers are also involved in the future development and distribution of the Internet, which is the foundation for future economic wealth of entire countries and industries. Is quantitative and qualitative expansion of the networks really worthwhile considering the growing requirements to Internet use? How important is internationalisation considering the growing numbers of users all over the world?


The innowait concept of TGISC® allows strategic and integral analysis of these challenges to develop holistic, sustainable concepts, and besides the big challenges to the entire industry for instance also to optimize the operations of individual market players or the quality of their stakeholder value.

More about hardware and software as well as IT-Services.

In this segment, TGISC® connects formerly segregated industries. Certain players show that the opportunities and requirements of hardware in a software development context can be understood and derived only by looking from the other side and vice versa. But they have to be linked more closely. The application of 5PAmplify® can have wide-reaching consequences for the type of corporate structures and processes.


One question is the integration of other market players into one’s own processes. In this knowledge-intense and innovation-happy cluster, which faces fast growing realization pressure, expert relations and partnerships are essential for the economic outcome of an innovative idea. TGISC® has proven the relevance of these networking processes in development and realization. Next to joining competences for mutual benefits, for instance in the important Human Resources Management functions, innovation in IT-services through the Internet always has the potential of global effect.


Some consultants try to hush over one of the implications of the “global players” for the industry, we make it an issue: Every innovation in this industry is tied to the compatibility and quality of the hardware and its development, sourcing and production are tied globally to certain markets. The social-responsibility-balance of some big companies would be remarkably poor if suppliers and production processes were disclosed. By extending the international debate about the transparency of corporate processes and the growing sensitivity of consumers, this part of the value-adding chain is becoming more and more relevant for marketing. If the business drivers of the processes in the cyberspace negate the effects of their own developments this is hard to comprehend. Questions of innovation of hardware and software mainly address consumer behavior, their needs and the necessary infrastructure of the entire industry.


We cannot understand this attitude considering the special economic potential.


Another issue is frequently neglected: network security. With the growing expansion of Internet use in public and private areas of special sensitivity, protection mechanisms for elimination of the fatal dimensions of criminal activities are required.

The solution of all global and regional, social, private economic and individual challenges are tied to one thing: innovation.


Of course, all clients enjoy maximum confidentiality with us. Many prefer even more protection which extends to stating the client’s name. We are, of course, happy to take account of this request. Therefore, below you will find some selected statements of our clients. References.

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