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Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®?

What makes the THOMSEN GROUP

We are specialized for more than 35 years in market innovations.

We create solutions for tomorrow, to our clients - securing market leadership, attractive returns and significant value - today.


With the world's unrivaled innowait system allows us to determine how people will live 2050th And what does it want the customers of our clients today. We create unique, successful product development, pricing strategies and sales solutions.

What develops TGISC®?

The consulting firm THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, shortly TGISC® is not a generalist. But specializes in market strategies. TGISC® has been developing more than 30 years innowait system with solutions for tomorrow's world (such as product innovations) that fascinate today. Thus creating the market leader.

Why should you choose TGISC®?

When you choose TGISC®, you are choosing much more than experience alone.(Because, after all, experience is rooted in the past.)

On the other hand, TGISC® represents proven opportunities for the future.

What advantage bring the reimbursement system of the TGISC® you?

We carry up to 60% of business risk: Our so-called honorary recognition (for market strategies) is therefore only 40% of actual costs.

Why TGISC ® clients (and not customers)?

The term often related by lawyers combines the perfect secrecy (usually for management consultants - unfortunately - does not) with the idea to understand in any case as a lawyer to his client.

What is Five Seconds?

Five Seconds is our newsletter that reports on trends and news in the markets. But also exciting, current tasks and studies of the TGISC®.

How does the innowait-system work?

What exactly are product developments / innovations for the TGISC®?

We develop new products. Or concepts for the further development of existing products.

Learn more about the product development.

Plays the price a prominent role?

For customers, the price of their product to the consumer acceptance is the last cliff before buying. And in a sea of products important badge of quality, performance and image of the product.

What makes the TGISC® distribution - strategies unique?

Distribution is more than just saying “You can buy me here”. We develop and manage marketing strategies.

Find out more about Placement-Strategies.

How do we draw attention to your product?

When brands are working and cash registers ringing, it’s usually because the necessary conditions are met: A product can fascinate only if it’s known. And only a product that fascinates will be bought.

We develop and implement communication-strategies.

Find out more about Promotion-Strategies

What precisely contains the fifth P – the dot on the i of the TGISC®?

In a services company, employees are important, and to a certain extent they are the product. But even premium products are nothing without enthusiastic employees, like the marketing staff. We develop and realize human capital strategies that integrate, inform, and motivate people.

Find out more about People-Strategies.

Which attidude is an essential for our business culture?

For us, the client’s interests, not those of TGISC®, take center stage: we keep our focus on the long-term. We can assure our own future only by ensuring the success of our clients. Never by making the quick and easy sale.

Where in the world are we represented?

Who do we take care of as well (except our clients)?

For around 10 years, all of the TGISC® charitable donations have focused on “Kreative für Kinder”, an endowment founded by us that provides care for children in need, both nationally and globally.

What responsibilities is TGISC® aware of?

In many projects, we have to consider the forward-looking concepts of social, ecological, and corporate responsibility. And while these concepts were gaining in significance elsewhere, the TGISC® had already made them part of their culture. Our earth’s resources, for example, are after all limited. But big ideas are often preceded by small actions. One example—we were using both sides of the paper already a year before the former german foreign minister Joschka Fischer, who represents the Green Party, became the minister of the environment in the german state of Hessen.

What distinguishes the TGISC® futurology?

We see futures studies more as a way to obtain a baseline of knowledge. And that’s why we don’t view futurists around the world as the competition. Every day, our teams work — without clients — to broaden this baseline of knowledge. But that’s not enough for us. Long before a new job requires the results of our futures studies, a lot of the groundwork is already laid.

What characterizes the future research (FutureAssets®) of the TGISC®?

We understand future research rather than cross-section of knowledge. Therefore, future researchers are far from the world for us as competitors. Every day, our team, without any client application, in this cross-section of knowledge. But that we would not be enough. Long before a new mandate requires our future research, a lot of basic work is already done.

Which questions do we solve with LiveResearch for you?

Solutions for tomorrow are useful to our clients only if they are already fascinating — and therefore already work — today. The TGISC® answers these questions with the LiveResearch® System. Timing is just as important. Most players are much too late. But it’s just as dangerous to be too early with a product innovation. This danger is also eliminated with LiveResearch®. Know what fascinates people today. LiveResearch®.

With which method do we achieve high quality results?

With LiveResearch®, the TGISC® works with both open-ended and closed questions in order to provide the most comprehensive study of the topic. The open-ended questions, which are the big benefit of qualitative research, typically cannot be answered with a single word or even a single sentence. For example, these might be association questions to determine what buyers want. Closed questions, on the other hand, which are the minority in our research, can be answered relatively quickly and unambiguously.

What advantages does the film-analysed market research offer to you?

The face of the target group: With LiveResearch®, the TGISC® uses the direct field and lab survey tools developed for qualitative social research. The decisive difference: We record every single interview on film for subsequent analysis. Not only our clients see the faces of their (potential) customers, we can also evaluate the video materials for important cues, such as the validity of responses or the social background of survey participants. This means we have access to information not available in this form using quantitative market research methods. The analysis of non-verbal expressions, such as demeanor, facial expressions, and hand gestures, provide information not available with conventional methods.

How do we achieve a maximum amount of transparency for our clients?

In addition, because our LiveResearch® films the market research sessions, clients are afforded a high degree of transparency. Because they are filmed, many results — provided on a separate report tape if requested — can be reviewed at any time. We present the most important results to our clients in our multimedia presentation,  and will provide this “video documentation” to the client, depending on the mandated detailing. This gives our clients ready access to their “customers” whenever questions arise. It is also an important tool for communicating with supervisory boards, partners, potential future investors, etc., as well as with market participants.

Which are other instruments used by TGISC® besides primary market research?

The TGISC® also uses secondary market research and the data from available studies —although these are usually quantitative. Secondary market research is important for two reasons. First, it provides a basis for competition analysis, and second, it forms the indispensable foundation for the primary market research phase. Secondary research is an on-going background process, because answers must be found immediately to questions that crop up during strategy development.

In which markets is TGISC® represented?

We are successfully represented in various industries with our future-proof system innowait.

Find out more.

How important is the motivation of our employees to us?

It’s very important for us. Our motivation allows us to present better solutions than other strategy consultants every single day. It’s the glue that hold us together. It’s our life blood. The first time you speak with your new colleagues, you will understand why not only our clients, but also our employees stay with us longer than anywhere else. We won’t allow anyone to dampen our spirit!

What constitutes the career-development?

The personal development and advancement of our employees is important to us. That’s why we don’t just hire trainers as our “professors”, we draw upon the members of our board. They don’t wear helmets. Nor do they have swords. But sparring is common. That’s because the TGISC® College is a school of thought where discussions can heat up. And this is where the real value is found.

What additionaly is being offered to TGISC® employees?

The HealthyFun program for our employees. It’s healthy. And it’s fun. Our employees are the core of our company.
That’s why we do things a little differently here:
The healthiest drink. Free to our employees.
Non-smoker? More vacation days!
Membership in a fitness club. Free to our employees.
Our trips to destinations like Milan or Prague. Free to our employees.
Our lounge parties. Free to our employees.
Is it your birthday? Your colleagues have time for you.
Safety training. Free to our employees.

Find out more.

Which advantages does the TGISC® work environment offer?

And then there are the small things: The penthouse offices nestled above the rooftops of Hamburg, the perfect transport connections, the innumerable parking places (for both cars and bicycles), the quality of break-times spent in the immediate vicinity, where we find ourselves even more inspired by the multicultural public. Which is probably why any thought blockages usually fall victim to a virtual wrecking ball within a week at TGISC®. Welcome to the open-minded company!

What distinguishes TGISC® employees?

They are cosmopolitan with varied interests and are dedicated. Most have a “never-say-never” attitude written all over their face. It’s their enjoyment of their jobs that allow us to achieve so much for our clients.

What kind of development opportunities are available?

TGISC® offers you opportunities for advancement, even to become a managing partner, as long as you can identify with the old, but completely modern, virtues held in such esteem in Hamburg ... virtues like style, dignity, and courage. And they don’t just move you forward, they move something else quite distinctly upward: Your smile.

Are our employees allowed to make mistakes?

Success isn’t achieved by trying to avoid mistakes; it’s achieved by working harder than the rest. Sure, mistakes can happen. That’s okay with us. But any given mistake should happen only once. Success is like climbing stairs. Step by step, you get closer to the top. A mistake might cause you to pause briefly on a step. But because you don’t make the same mistake twice, you soon move on to the next step.

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