Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC

Consultant without Helicopter syndrome.


This is what a helicopter might sound like. But good consultants don't hover, flying in with lots of noise, blowing up clouds of dust and then disappearing into the clouds when it finally comes to practice.

The TGISC® is differentiation for our clients as critical to success in the market parameters important. In contrast at our helicopter syndrome the differentiation is its own importance. Sure, there are many prejudices about our colleagues. But also judgments. One of them is very important, the desire to prove the theory of solutions developed in practice. That's what we do. Every day. Read more on our page practice-proven, they prevent on a natural way, that one of our consultants hovering above it all. Practice brings high-flyer back to ground of the facts.

More about the only on innovation with practice proven specialized strategy consultation.

More about the only strategy consultation that does not hold back. And our proof in practice.

Our research and teaching coveted Management offers our clients the best (young) minds.

About the fun at our job. And the small things.

Chairman's corner.

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