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You will hate us when we push you to the limit. On bended knees.

Allowedly, our clients wish us every now and then to the devil. Since in the thing we are logical already uncomfortably. If we pay attention, for example, always friendly, but "penetratingly" to timing, or want to see more gas given. Or everywhere wish this special engagement. Or want to see strategy conformance not only at the beginning, but always protected and save the Haben-wir-schon-immer-so-gemacht group, they get in the boat which brings us certainly to the success. Maybe we not always remain as "nice" in recollection. (You already know: the author Rebecca Niazi-Shahabi formulated it in such a way: "Nicely she is the small sister of shit"). But we remain with certainty as "successful" in recollection. The unique success provides for the fact that one loves us.


More about the only strategy consulting company spezializing in practice proven innovations.

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