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What is your most effective form
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When brands are working and cash registers ringing, it’s usually because the necessary conditions are met: A product can fascinate only if it’s known. And only a product that fascinates will be bought.

This is the exact same dilemma the great white shark finds itself in. It is the best known and most fascinating of its species. And it’s polarizing. Just like with good communications: There’s no need to be at the top outside of your target group. But inside your target group, absolutely!

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Panasonic Everything that can be plugged in, anywhere in the world.

wellyou Rapidly growing player in the international healthcare market.

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Whether 250 million years ago, as a meteor strikes impended to destroy the world or in 2000 the new economy bad awoke: products always were invigorated from crisis, products that are consistently has broken the mold and has been invested in uniqueness:


The sharks, which 65 million years ago survived the dying dinosaur, are still alive. If the 'Tulpenhausse' in 1630 or the financial crisis in 1857 and 1929. Also the oil crisis in 1987. Clever decider always invested in the future and laid intelligently the foundation for emerging from the crisis stronger than before.

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