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The system which creates market success now and ensures it long term.

Innovations that work immediately.

For more than 35 years, we have been working for key industries (and as government consultants) using the tried and tested innowait system. Consequently, we became the worldwide leading strategy consultancy specializing in practice-proven innovations.

The innowait system in detail.

With FutureAssets®, THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®‘s international future research, we find out what will move people in 50 years. It also allows us to recognize long-term social, ecological and economic developments. But it’s about success today:

Using LiveResearch®, the valid TGISC® market research which also analyses complex non-verbal communication expressions (gestures, behavior) of video recorded interviews we determine what results of futurology already ensures market success of our clients’ current and/or future customers today.


Based on this our 5PAmplify® delivers the strategic product development (product) and developing the pricing strategies (price), the distribution solutions (placement), the communication – mostly media presence – (presence) and the integration of those involved, from politics to distribution (people).

Three programs of the innowait system.

Our futurology identifies first the FutureAssets® which will move your customers in 2050.

Our unique LiveResearch® finds out what fascinates already today.

Finally our 5PAmplify® points everything that is vital for the market success of this innovation. From perfect price to effective distribution.

Chairman's corner.

If you are in a hurry


Here is our innovation system at a glance:

Our future research identifies first and foremost the FutureAssets® that will move your clients in 2050.


Then our unique LiveResearch® system finds out what is already fascinating today.


Finally, our implementation program 5PAmplify® will present to you everything that is of decisive importance for the market success of this innovation, from perfect price to efficient sales.

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