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Step 2 of the innowait system identifies which FutureAssets® are already fascinating today.

LiveResearch® is not just valid,
but also identifies the unknown.

LiveResearch® is market research with a camera. Why?


When our founder was still studying he worked for market research institutes conducting surveys. He was also responsible for adding the name of the respondents to questionnaires. No additional information was required. You wouldn’t believe how much imagination his fellow students used entering fancy names for the same task. This created his deep rooted mistrust iwhen it comes to conventional market research.


But LiveResearch® can do much more than simply prove surveys actually took place. Two other advantages make the difference:


1. Every video interview is analyzed for nonverbal communication. This way we reveal cheating or other misleading answers which are often based on perceived social acceptance. If we ask people if they are reading sophisticated business publications magazines we hear more yes’ than it is actually true, when asking about watching less sophisticated television series’ on the other hand, way less. Asking “Why” questions over and over helps us to get a very clear picture. But first and foremost we find out what the respondents are really interested in. As a whole, this brings us closer to the truth than perhaps any other type of market research.


2. LiveResearch® does not blindly follow questionnaires, instead this approach creates an atmosphere, which helps to forget about the camera or the microphone. Moreover, it primarily reveals results which had previously often been unrecognized. Our highly sophisticated questionnaire architectures are especially built to reveal demands or issues with current or future products or services. However, asking directly is rarely successful. Creating and following an investigative path is the key to identify the unknown. This is a perfect prerequisite for innovations that immediately work.



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