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Know what fascinates people today.


Solutions for tomorrow are useful to our clients only if they are already fascinating and therefore already work today. The THOMSEN GROUP answers these questions with the LiveResearch® System. Timing is just as important. Most players are much too late. But it’s just as dangerous to be too early with a product innovation. This danger is also eliminated with LiveResearch®.

Where we get our market research results. We find our market research results in faces, not surveys.

The face of the target group: With LiveResearch®, the THOMSEN GROUP uses the direct field and lab survey tools developed for qualitative social research. The decisive difference: We record every single interview on film for subsequent analysis. Not only do our clients see the faces of their (potential) customers, but we can also evaluate the video materials for important cues, such as the validity of responses or the social background of survey participants. This means we have access to information not available in this form using quantitative market research methods. The analysis of non-verbal expressions, such as demeanor, facial expressions, and hand gestures, provide information not available with conventional methods.

(For example, imagine that a participant is asked whether she likes a certain innovation. The participant pauses, tilts her head, and lightly shakes it. She pauses again. She frowns slightly, then shrugs. She looks at the interviewer and hesitantly says “um, yes”. Because the market research session was filmed, it will be obvious that this response was not a real “yes”.)

Does the THOMSEN GROUP work with secondary market research?

Of course, the THOMSEN GROUP also uses secondary market research and the data from available studies—although these are usually quantitative. Secondary market research is important for two reasons. First, it provides a basis for competition analysis, and second, it forms the indispensable foundation for the primary market research phase. Secondary research is an on-going background process, because answers must be found immediately to questions that crop up during strategy development.


Basis des LiveResearch® ist unsere Zukunftsforschung.

LiveResearch® ist die Basis für 5P-Amplify.

About LiveResearch®.

First, we develop a survey architecture for our “self-built” database.
With LiveResearch®, the THOMSEN GROUP works with both open-ended and closed questions in order to provide the most comprehensive study of the topic possible. The open-ended questions, which are the big benefit of qualitative research, typically cannot be answered with a single word or even a single sentence. For example, these might be association questions to determine what buyers want. Closed questions, on the other hand, which are the minority in our research, can be answered relatively quickly and unambiguously. Some of the answers in this category might also be multiple choice.

In addition, because our LiveResearch® films the market research sessions, clients are afforded a high degree of transparency. Because they are filmed, many results—provided on a separate report tape if requested—can be reviewed at any time. We present the most important results to our clients in our multimedia presentation, and will provide this “video documentation” to the client on DVD upon request. This gives our clients ready access to their “customers” whenever questions arise. It is also an important tool for communicating with supervisory boards, partners, potential future investors, etc., as well as with market participants. 

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