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Data protection information.


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The THOMSEN GROUP Resulting GmbH TGISC and the THOMSEN GROUP Strategy GmbH TGISC are companies of THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants Estd.1984. THOMSEN GROUP Resulting GmbH TGISC and THOMSEN GROUP Strategy GmbH TGISC are companies of German justice. Incorporated at the commercial register of the district court of Hamburg with the numbers

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The regulations of the service informations obligation, regulation §2 according to the requirements of directive 200 6123EG, accordingly, we hereby publish that a liability insurance exist at the Provinzial Nord.

Data protection information

We are pleased by your visit to our website as well as your interest in our company and services. We take the protection of your private data seriously and we would like you to feel comfortable when visiting our Internet sites. The protection of your privacy in the processing of personal data is an important concern of ours, which we take into account in our business processes. We process personal data which must be collected when you visit our websites according to the legal data protection regulations. We would like to inform you in the following sections about the range of application and the scope of our commitment to data protection. The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, abbreviated TGISC®, can adapt these data protection guidelines from time to time at its own discretion. Every essential change to the guidelines will be announced on this page so that you remain informed about which information we collect and use. With your registration on this page you agree to the usage of this information by TGISC® in the manner described in the following.


TGISC® stores your personal data, such as name and e-mail address, etc., only when you make this data available, for example as part of an online application. In this case TGISC® uses your personal data in the scope required for the respective purpose. In case you do not (no longer) agree to such a usage, you can notify us at any time so that we can delete the data. In this case, please send an e-mail to info(at)thomsen.de
We do not distribute e-mail addresses to third parties.


In order to assure a correct and fast performance of consulting and support services, TGISC® uses electronic data processing. The processing is essentially regulated by the Federal data protection law. Accordingly the data collection, processing, transmission and usage (hereinafter data usage) are permitted if the Federal data protection law or another legal stipulation allows it or when the affected party as agreed to it. The Federal data protection law allows data usage in particular if this serves to fulfill a contract which we have concluded with you. For certain purposes, which extend beyond the actual contractual and support relationship, a data protection consent declaration is included in your respective contract or in the response elements to promotions. If this consent declaration is completely or partially deleted upon conclusion of the respective contract or revoked at a later date, then TGISC® is obligated to use your data solely within the legally allowable framework.


In the following you will find more detailed information about the collection, storage, transmission and usage of your customer data:


TGISC® stores data which are necessary for the performance of consulting and support services. They are initially information for service agreements. Furthermore technical development data such as customer number are collected and processed.
Insofar as you have given your consent, the necessary data for client support and the client information which has been customized for you is additionally collected and stored.


TGISC® stores data which are transmitted to it by partners.
In addition data from clients are stored who contact TGISC® using the TGISC® Internet presence or the client support. Data storage also includes data which has been collected in the framework of marketing activities of TGISC®.


In order to assure a current data record and to make possible corrections, data exchange occurs within TGISC®. TGISC® uses transmitted customer data in order to perform services quickly. TGISC® uses during and upon conclusion of the performance of services and / or for the fulfillment of legal and contractually assumed obligations correspondingly transmitted customer data or data which it has collected itself. Furthermore TGISC® can request you to participate in market research analyses. Beyond this, the customer data is used by TGISC® to assure you a comprehensive client support. In the case of personally tailored customer information, your data - possibly with other personal data which you have provided - will be collected in a databank, stored and automatically evaluated there with the goal to compare the resulting customer profile with individual service offers. Subsequently you can obtain corresponding customized customer information.

Results of the market research analyses form an important information base for the continuous improvement and the new development of products and services. Your transmitted customer data can therefore, in the case of your consent, be used for the performance of customer surveys.


A transmission of your personal data outside of the previously named situations will not be made.


You can revoke your data protection consent declaration either fully or partially at any time. According to the Federal data protection law, you have a right to information about your personal data which are stored in the customer data banks. By reason of this information and possible further explanations or a possible request for information, correction, blocking or deletion of the stored data, please contact the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, Holstenplatz 20, 22765 Hamburg.


If you access Internet sites of TGISC®, information of a general nature will be automatically recorded. This information contains for example the type of web browser, the operating system which is used, the domain name of your Internet service provider and similar. In this connection exclusively information is involved, which does not allow conclusions to be made about your person. Moreover these data are also generated upon access to any other website on the Internet. In this connection it does not involve a specific function of the TGISC® web sites. Information of this type is exclusively anonymously collected and evaluated by us statistically. The better we understand your wishes, the faster you will find the desired information on our Internet pages.


Cookies are text files which contain information for identifying returning visitors to our web sites exclusively for the duration of the visit. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer and do not cause any damage. The cookies of our Internet sites do not contain any kind of personal data about you. Cookies spare you the repeated input of data, ease the transmission of specific contents and help us to identify particularly popular areas of our online offer. Thus we are in a position to adapt the contents of our Internet sites precisely to your needs. If you wish to do so, you can deactivate the application of Cookies at any time using the settings in your browser. Please use the help functions of you Internet browser to learn how to change these settings.


TGISC® employs technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data which you have provided to us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved and adapting according to the state of the art.


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