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Let's start over. In the future.

Nice to see you.

Welcome to the strategy consultancy specializing in practice-proven innovations!

The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®, is a world-wide leader in developing and implementing innovations that immediately create market success, which then is secured for a long period of time. We do not only work with a system that has guided our strategies for more than 35 years in the most important industries and as government consultants, but we also always start at the beginning. In the future.

Perhaps the only strategy consultancy that does not hold back. We also provide the proof in practice for both globally acting corporations as well as for entrepreneurial companies.

Others might be theoretically perfect but leave you to it afterwards. That is when we begin our practical work.
TGISC® provides you with answers for the day after tomorrow that work already today and almost always secure market leadership because we specialize in innovations which set our clients apart from the market.
We develop unique solutions for globally acting corporations and for entrepreneurial companies. 
Common denominator: You are not looking for generalists, rather specialists for (highly successful) market strategies, which we develop with the unique innowait® system that has no competition on the market.


Since TGISC® is not just another management consultancy, many things are handled differently. Good example: Strategy and consulting are two separate departments in our company. While the strategy department creates a solid basis, the consulting department is responsible for the practical proof and strategy implementation. This way we accompany our clients many years, often decades on their journey of success.


We Utilize our special competences in all important industries and aspects. More than 35 years of experience has shown us that the perspective through the eyes of potential or existing customers can overwrite the past experience and assumptions of our clients. For that reason, our references from all industries are based on the future-proof innowait® system.

Our highly sought-after Management offers our clients the best (young) minds.


It is obvious that TGISC® has only professionals on board. Even with respect to academic training, however, we are ahead: More than 30% of our management is involved in teaching and training. This is not only good for the next generation, but also for our clients.


While the best graduates from international top universities join German DAX-30 or Global-100, teaching and a professorship make the difference. The assessment is learned first hand. From Mumbai to Munich top graduates join TGISC®.


Whether at the University of Kiel, the SP Jain - named after the family Jain (Ex-Chief Executive Officer of the Deutsche Bank is called Anshu Jain) one of the worldwide top 100 economic universities, or at the EBS University of Business and Law in Östrich-Winkel, Germany with their institute specializing in innovation, the EBS Institute Sovereign Real Estate Innovation: even if it was stylized into the ugliest word of the 20th century, „humans“ are our most important capital in order to develop unique solutions for our clients.

You don't like consultants? That's understandable.

1. Fancy PowerPoint presentations about things you already know? This is off-limits. Where other strategy consultants move into your offices, we move into position.


2. Even if you combine five several leading companies of highest expertise, you will not achieve anything that is comparable: That’s simplifying at its best!


3. Others are theoretically perfect, but will leave you to it afterwards. That is when we begin our practical work.


4. Somewhere else you have to pay daily rates. We are measured by our success. (see also: Performance based fees).


5. We have been specializing in innovation for more than 35 years, with a system that no one else has.

Where we refuse to compromise.

For us, the client’s interests, not those of TGISC®, take center stage. We keep our focus on the long-term. We can assure our own future only by ensuring the success of our clients. Never by making the quick and easy sale. And this is one point where we absolutely refuse to compromise. For example, we recently turned down a million-dollar contract in southern Europe because our work would be based on unfounded directives rather than on validated methodologies. A first-class solution is always more important to us than a first-class fee. Not that we turn up our noses at the latter. But given the choice, we always choose the better solution.

This is probably a very good example of what “dignity” means to the TGISC®. And by the way, it’s one of the character traits held in esteem by the citizens of Hamburg. A second point where we refuse to compromise is motivation. Our motivation allows us to present better solutions than other strategy consultants every single day. It’s the glue that holds us together. It’s our life blood. Anyone who works against it, who lessens our motivation or who throws a monkey wrench into the works - that person has seen their last day with us. Sound brutal?

The first time you speak with your new colleagues, you will understand why not only our clients, but also our employees stay with us longer than anywhere else. We won’t allow anyone to dampen our spirit! We offer our employees benefits far beyond what’s typical for our branch, including training and continuing education at our own college, as well as our HealthyFun employee program.

Customers, kings or patients?

Customers? No, that reminds us too much of the “customer is king” cliché. Patients? No, that sounds too unhealthy, even though the Hyppocratic oath’s demand for confidentiality between doctor and patient comes pretty close to our demand for responsibility and confidentiality. Instead, we call the companies we work for our “clients”. This term, which is frequently used by lawyers, reminds us that although business consultants usually don’t have the same legal obligation to uphold an attorney-client privilege, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and will always maintain the highest level of professional secrecy.

You see: we have fun at our job. (And then there are the small things.)

The penthouse offices nestled under the rooftops of Hamburg, the perfect traffic connections, the innumerable parking places (for both cars and bicycles), the quality of break-times spent in the immediate vicinity, where we find ourselves even more inspired by the multicultural public. Which is probably why any thought blockages usually fall victim to a virtual wrecking ball within a week at TGISC®. Welcome to the open-minded company!


In many projects, we have to consider the forward-looking concepts of social, ecological and corporate responsibility. While these concepts were gaining in significance elsewhere, the TGISC® had already made them part of their culture. Our earth’s resources, for example, are limited. Big ideas are often preceded by small actions, however. One example – we were using both sides of the paper already a year before the former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, who represents the Green Party and stands for ecologist ideas, became the Minister of the Environment in the German state of Hessen.

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