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The HealthyFun program for our employees.

It’s healthy. And it’s fun.

Our employees are the most important part of our company.
That‘s why we often go different ways than you might be used to:

Non-smoker? More vacation days!

That’s for the health of our employees, too: From the very first day we have been a non-smoking company. And even though we were one of the first companies to forbid smoking anywhere in our offices, there still remained one or two who felt they just couldn’t quit. As we watched them ruin their health either in their private time or in front of our office, we said to ourselves, warnings and finger wagging won’t help. So instead we’re offering a fair deal: Anyone who doesn’t smoke gets extra vacation days. That contributes toward employee fitness, which in turn is good for the company. And speaking of fitness:

Membership in a fitness club. Free to our employees.

That’s for the health of our employees, too. We think that movers and shakers should move and shake. That’s why anyone who wants can exercise every day of the year between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight. On the most modern equipment. In our fitness club. Accessible by foot. And the membership is valid in other cities, as well. But not everything we do is about health...we do a lot just for the fun of it.

The healthiest drink. Free to our employees.

The water in our bodies is essential. It regulates our temperature, transports nutrition, and eliminates toxins. Every part of our body, even our teeth and bones, contains water.
Every six weeks, humans completely renew all of the water in their body.
The question that remains is, how? With just any fluid? Or healthily? TGISC® prefers the latter. This is why we give every employee free access to the choicest of the natural reserves from the French Alps.

Safety training. Free to our employees.

We offer more bicycle parking spaces than just about anyone. And the bus and train connections right at our doorstep are simply ideal. But still, the countless parking spaces in our underground parking garage remain full. And so to ensure that our drivers make it to work happy tomorrow, we provide driver safety training. It really does help a lot. Correct braking, for example, is something that very few drivers master, even though it can make the difference of several – sometimes lifesaving – yards. But it’s more than just helpful, it’s also soooo much fun!

Is it your birthday? Your colleagues have time for you.

Everywhere else, the CFO dictates the mood: After all, a small, generic gift is cheaper than valuable work time. We see that differently. The feeling of solidarity that grows with each birthday celebration is priceless. That’s our gift to ourselves.

Our lounge parties. Free to our employees.

Is there anything more boring than an office party? Not here. In our last employee survey, for example, we got top marks for our club night at Hamburg’s China Lounge.

Our trips to destinations like Milan or Prague. Free to our employees.

Obviously, we aren’t a travel agency, but every once in a while we organize an excursion. Like to the World’s Fair. To the south of France or Miami. And we always have a blast together.

Career afterwards.


Prof. Dr. Peter Russo
Today: European Business School & Stanford University.

TGISC® Alumni Services

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