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New York, Tokyo, Sindelfingen.

Around the world in 80 seconds.

The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®, are
internationally active: in India, China, Japan, Australia, Americas (USA and South America) and throughout Europe.


Here are just three examples of our worldwide references:

  • In Shanghai: Sany is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia.
  • In Tokyo: Panasonic who offers everything you can plug into an electrical socket. Or a third example:
  • In New York: The world market leader for payroll, Paychex, Inc.


Or here just a few examples of Europe:

  • In Skandinavia, for example Daloon, the global market leader for spring rolls (which many would most likely have expected to be based in China).
  • In Spain, for example the Banco Santander, one of the world's major financial institutions.
  • In Germany, for example from Deutsche Telekom to the city of Sindelfingen.


Several of our clients can't be named due to our non-disclosure agreement.


Here are our Office Locations: 

Europe: Hamburg, London | Americas: Austin, Miami, New York | Asia: Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo | Australia: Sydney


Here we introduce one of our international minds as an exemplary representative: Anoop Desai.

The Managing Director India of THOMSEN GROUP has over two decades of experience in the consulting industry and has worked for many years as an executive in companies such as DuPont. He follows a great tradition: Whether the German Federal President or German Chancellor Merkel visit in India, or during India’s Prime Minister Modi’s visit in Germany, German-Indian relations are on a solid foundation.


In times of data leaks and IP theft, many of our clients wish to remain anonymous.

A good example: one of the biggest insurance companies worldwide (TOP 5) asked for high confidentiality, including their name.

The clients of the TGISC® are from many different industries and come from many different continents. The common denominator of all clients (and their expectations) is not specializing in a particular industry, but rather in a system, the innowait system.

(By the way: Worldwide there's no competitor that offers the innowait system.)

Line of business industry.

Automotive industry, transport, traffic, chemicals, investment goods. 

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