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New York, Tokyo, Sindelfingen.

Around the world in 80 seconds.

The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®, are
internationally active: in India, China, Japan, USA, South America and throughout Europe.


Here are just three examples of our worldwide references:

  • In Shanghai: Sany is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia.
  • In Tokyo: Panasonic who offers everything you can plug into an electrical socket. Or a third example:
  • In New York: The world market leader for payroll, Paychex, Inc.


Or here just a few examples of Europe:

  • In Skandinavia, for example Daloon, the global market leader for spring rolls (which many would most likely have expected to be based in China).
  • In Spain, for example the Banco Santander, one of the world's major financial institutions.
  • In Germany, for example from Deutsche Telekom to the city of Sindelfingen.


Several of our clients can't be named due to our non-disclosure agreement.


In times of data leaks and IP theft, many of our clients wish to remain anonymous.

A good example: one of the biggest insurance companies worldwide (TOP 5) asked for high confidentiality, including their name.

The clients of the TGISC® are from many different industries and come from many different continents. The common denominator of all clients (and their expectations) is not specializing in a particular industry, but rather in a system, the innowait system.

(By the way: Worldwide there's no competitor that offers the innowait system.)

Line of business industry.

Automotive industry, transport, traffic, chemicals, investment goods. 

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