Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC

2013 will be the year of Qualitime-Shopping.

Bibel of the international avant-garde expects the ultimate day for shoppers.

International magazine „Wallpaper“ about the concept of Shopping between Friedrichstraße and Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin developed by TGISC®.



Wallpaper reports: In time, this dynamic retail landmark will offer the ultimate day out for shoppers.


There is nearly no top restaurant or 5 star hotel which takes care about its reputation and avoids the Wallpaper. The style magazine can be found all over the world, whether in London or Bali, New York or Sydney at cosmopolitan readers. Please read here the article about the strategy of TGISC® published in the "Handmade Issue".


Chairman's corner.

You will hate us
when we push you
to the limit.


On bended knee.

Realizing your market success.


Which tools are decisive for the market success.

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