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Erste Group Bank AG with total assets of over 200 BN Euro.

One of the largest banking groups
in Central- and Eastern Europe
decides on THOMSEN GROUP.

Austria’s Emperor Franz I. had the idea to found the first.


What started as “Erste Spar-Casse” (First Savings Bank) in 1819 is now not only Austria’s oldest financial institution in existence, but the international banking group which added 10 banks in the last 5 years alone: more than 17 MM customers, twice Austria’s population, more than 3,000 branches and the market leader in private banking.


Erste Group consolidates all the companies under the group.

With its savings banks, Erste Bank, the leading institute of the Austrian savings bank group, is also one of Austria’s biggest banking groups. The customer share of the savings bank group in Austria alone is about 28 percent of the entire credit economy. In asset management for private holders, Erste Bank oversees assets of 28 BN Euro, already making it one of Austria’s market leaders during the last decade.

95% of customers of Erste Group live within the EU. EU membership offers countries within the region a solid legal setting to support their economic development.

Erste Group is currently one of the biggest financial service providers in the CEE. In addition to the traditional excellence in retail banking, core activities of Erste Group also include consulting and assisting business customers with the financing-, assessment- and hedge questions as well as in entering international capital markets, financing the public sector and activities on the interbank market.


Erste is active in 9 countries: aside from Austria in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro and Moldova.

Last year’s consolidated surplus was Euro 483.5 MM.

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