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Deceleration and acceleration are the perfect couple.

Most recent tourism survey of the TGISC® predicts a pluralization of (luxury) travel.

Beach holidays? - As if! Cablecar conductress in San Francisco. Or nearly a quarter million for a single trip? To outer space okay. But no one is actually doing it? Far wrong. Several hundreds of pre-reservations are listed. Or do you prefer the buskers in Venice? The tourism pluralizes.



One of the most outstanding developments of the 21st century allows people to spend their holidays in a unique way, which really fullfill the requirements of the seperating target groups.


Yet today the tourism has changed considerably.

What was once a long term topic turned into a short one: several short trips are preferred to long trips. The distance became vicinity. It does not have to be exclusively a long-distance travel anymore, to receive individual fullfilment. The infrequent turns into the frequent: The desires tend verifiable to several trips per year.

From quantity to quality: holidays off the rack are less and less competitive on the market.


In order to be able to evaluate the future of tourism, it is necessary to analyze the changes of society.


Accelaration and an increase of complexity are phenomena that shape the development of our society significantly.

Due to modern information technologies everything is in reach by home PCs or smartphones, but it does not help more or in a better way to orient oneself in the individual environment. It is rather quite the contrary.

People are chronically overextended and do not want to or cannot live with the increasing short scheduled rhythm of the non-stop society.

There is no consens anymore, what is right or wrong. In fact, the overkill of informations in our mediocracy suggests the principle of „anything goes“ in all circumstances of life. The one who longs for the conservative lap of family paradigm is constantly disappointed by the high rates of singles and thus flees into more or less fly-by-night friendships and acquaintanceships.


The desire of orientation and connection however remains unanswered.


Possibilities to compensate these unfulfilled wishes and desires are offered by consumption goods. But at the time there is no above or below. In fact, the principle of extensive democracy predominates. Wherefore some years ago the access was reserved to an exclusive target group only, nowadays it’s open for the most consumer groups.

An example herefore is high price designer fashion, that is made affordable for the mass market by selling it in designer outlet stores or by exclusive cooperations with the designers fashion products. These developments are allegories for the most outstanding development of the 21st century: The individualism.


Individualism is also reflected in our society structure. Also here the question can be asked: what is above, what is below. It’s not longer the clearness of a class model that defines our society structure, but single milieus that co-exist, overlap each other and continue to develop dynamically and in turn base on smaller units, namely lifestyles.


Lifestyles significantly define themselves by so-called everyday esthetical schemata, that cultivate on basis of fondness for music, leisure time activities, holidays and consumption.


Based on these parameters, identities are made, sharpened and advanced. Consumption turns into a key factor of identity gathering that decides on being in or out, sympathy or antipathy.

And so the phenomen social commerce keeps haunting in the orcus of medial diversification.

But if consumption is democratized today, how can consumers of luxury that care for distinction distinguish from the average consumer?


Polemically it could be stated:

By non-consuming, even though this has to be understood as a metaphor. Especially for this consumer group a considerable change of turning away from material consumption to rather turning to new kinds of luxurious motives can be detected. The qualitative use is getting as a preference-decisive value in the center of attention.

Resulting from a ever-further diversifying market, tourism explores new segments regularly. The right to travel mutates into an individual fundamental right, that is fulfilled by individual offers. In this context, experience and staging skills are increasingly important. 

This is especially true for the segment of luxury travel. Anyone who has been in every corner of the world because he had the necessary financial background, developes a deep desire for truly unique holidays which crucially should match his lifestyle. The so-called high-net-worth individuals are a target group for the – at first sight – absurdity.

These target groups want authentic experiences. For instance, they want to discover enjoyment they cannot find in their every day life. These include offers such as the ability to be a train ticket collector in Switzerland or a cablecar conductress in San Francisco, and also the option to experience Venice as a street musician or Paris with an authentic perspective as a clochard. For the virtually marketable offer: The "outer space tourism" by Virgin Galactic – the cost per guest is 200,000 Euros – has currently 430 pre-bookings. This is another example of the developments of the top segment of the travel market. In particular the needs of luxury tourists differentiate into a continuum between two experience poles.

On the one hand, there are offers with a maximum of deceleration that are for sale. Here are motives such as self-focusing important facts to get free out of busy life. Solitude, nature based and apparent asceticism are key words which differentiate these offerings from competitors. On the other hand, there are offers that provide extreme acceleration - the offer of Virgin Galactic is one these examples.


These services are extremely identity-forming, because they offer, equal to a communication prosthesis, the possibility for communicative connection acts, for example, stories in the circle of friends - with the desired result of their self-betterment in front of others.


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