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Research institution Real Estate Innovation has started now.

The EBS University of Business and Law, for many better known as the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau region and just awarded as one of the top four economic science faculties in Germany, and the THOMSEN GROUP, worlds leading strategy consultancy specializing in practice-proven innovations, jointly establish on May 15th in Frankfurt the first research institute Real Estate Innovation.



The new research institution will dedicate the topic of Real Estate Innovation not only scientifically, but also with a very practical focus.


At a so-called MediaLunch in Frankfurt on May 15th, 2012, a small exclusive group will experience the premiere.

Prof. Dr. Nico B. Rottke of Real Estate Management Institute of the EBS and Prof. Bernd Thomsen, Chairman & CEO of the THOMSEN GROUP have already confirmed their attendance. Together with the Academic Director of EBS Master in Business Innovation, Prof. Dr. Peter Russo, who also teaches at Stanford University, they developed this new research institute, from which major impulses are expected for the economically relevant real estate industry. Details will not be given until the official launch.


A few days ago, the EBS has been awarded with the seal of highest international standards of management education. Worldwide only 133 business schools in 38 countries, of which there were only three in Germany, have been EQUIS-accredited so far.


Crucial to the award of the European Business School was, among other things, its excellence in research and teaching as well as their international education system.

EQUIS the "European Quality Improvement System" and is a quality check of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in Brussels, the global network of leading business schools. The EFMD rates EQUIS assesses candidates in a rigorous selection process regarding a total of ten criteria. These include amongst others the quality of programs, students and professors, the training offer, the network in the whole economy and social contribution.

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