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Rheinmetall with historical record result. THOMSEN GROUP mandated again.

With a disproportionate growth the Rheinmetall's Automotive sector contributed to the historically best result last year. The for Rheinmetall developed Unternehmerstadt is, as recently confirmed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, an entrepreneurial success. 7 years ago the THOMSEN GROUP focused the economic relevance of women in leadership positions as a strategic foundation for today's success.



For Rheinmetall, with the disproportionate growth the company's automotive sector in 2011 contributed to the renewed increase in revenue to 4.5 billion Euro and the historically best result of 354 million Euros (EBIT), the THOMSEN GROUP developed already the so-called Unternehmerstadt (Rheinmetall Immobilien) that recently has been described by the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung "nationwide as an exemplar of successful redevelopment area" and as a "masterpiece" of commercialization. About the details of the new given mandate to the TGISC® it is firstly agreed to maintain silence.


About the new mandate maybe in 2013 there will be more information.
Now figures for fiscal year 2011 were published already: Group sales grew by 12% to 4,454 million Euro. Due to the disproportionately high growth in earnings the Automotive sector stands out. Regarding EBIT it saw an increase in earnings to 70 million Euro or 86% to 151 million Euro (2010: 81 million Euro).


Also the successes of the Unternehmerstadt, developed by the TGISC®, are existent and noticed beyond the Rhine. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung considers it as "a successful residential and commercial district ... On a plot of 90,000 square meters, 16,000 square meters of living space and 142,000 square meters of commercial space with a focus on offices are developed.

Over 80% are completed by now. The masterpiece is the commercialization status: each finished square meter has been leased. The Unternehmerstadt is thus also an entrepreneurial success. Although this area is not a location that sells itself. To the city center by tram it only takes ten minutes and to the airport only seven. But it is not a location that would be related to the core properties of the real estate industry. From the beginning ... the condominiums were not a special offer ...  in 2014, the quarters is to be completely finished. If the real estate company of Rheinmetall sets out a precision landing, 500 million Euros will be built by then."


The name of the Unternehmerstadt says it from the beginning, also and not least in terms of their focus on women: "The first city whose residents have the same attitude:

People who live and work here are characterized in their professional and private life by the fact that they take matters into their own hands, show entrepreneurial thinking and acting. This positive attitude shapes the life atmosphere of this new city. Working and living here is a result of symbiosis that enables to balance family and career. "

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