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Samsung puts the heat on Apple.

Instead of pound shops
and vacant premises:
The new Zeilgalerie is 80% let again.


Germany's first Samsung flagship store in the Zeilgalerie in Frankfurt.

The  Zeilgalerie in Frankfurt has been refurbished as part of a strategy by the THOMSEN GROUP. After a period of pound shops and vacant premises, the new Zeilgalerie is already 80% let again. Apple's arch enemy, Samsung, is now also there.


The Zeil in Frankfurt is one of the most successful shopping miles in Germany. No surprise therefore, that it attracted the sector leader Apple to its center. The two leading global companies in digital media and entertainment electronics have not just been squaring up recently in court (to dispute patents), but also in Frankfurt: now Samsung has just opened its first German flagship store in the Zeil as well, on the Penthouse Level of the Zeilgalerie. This shopping center was originally built by the 'bank scandal' builder Jürgen Schneider. After many highs and even more lows, it became the best known shopping mall in Germany. Eventually however, it unfortunately became the home of only pound shops and even more vacant premises. Now the  Zeilgalerie in Frankfurt has been altered as part of a strategy by the THOMSEN GROUP. An impressive LED facade and a new strategy has brought the Zeilgalerie back to the attention of the in-crowd - both among consumers and tenants. And also of course Samsung.

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