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Triple A: Africa, America and Anywhere.

International reinforcement

Adviser from Wiesbaden with equally profound experience in industry and retail, B-to-B and B-to-C.


After stops in Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, South Africa and the U.S., international economist joins worldwide market leading strategic consulting firm TGISC®.


The THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® “appreciation system”, as Christian Kettritz has been calling the international approach based on futurology and validating market research since right from the get go, “was one of the three key factors in my decision to join this market leader, which has been producing great success for its clients for 30 years.”


And the other two reasons? “The booming city of Hamburg and the people”, the adviser with equally profound experience in industry and retail states. “When I’m at the Hamburg headquarters I enjoy this fascinating city, there and (mostly) in other places my coworkers, with professionalism and long-term enjoyment in the job connecting just as much as a sense of humor.”

Christian Kettritz received his Bachelor’s degree from the Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, USA (and later his Master’s degree from the European Business School).

He started his career in contracting at COMPUTER ASSOCIATES, INC. in London, England. After that the switched to Stockholm, Sweden, staying with the same company, where he worked in sales. Here he not only optimized the processes between sales and financial organization and developed more effective processes and structures, but also developed a proactive system to ensure the sales team’s teamwork.

After this he switched into retail and managed operations of retail for Spain’s XOLGROUP, where he was also responsible for staff management and development as well as market analyses and market strategy.

Lastly, he became director at a swiss stock company. Here he not only (further) developed business models, processes and structures, but also gained vast B-to-B experience, founded new companies within the group and was responsible for building them up, but also headed the expansion to Rwanda (Republic in East Africa), South Africa and the U.S.

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