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JOST HURLER and THOMSEN GROUP reveal the secret surrounding Munich’s new city quarter.

The suspense is growing:
German regional elections,
Bundestag elections, Schwabinger Tor.

Horst Seehofer’s comes first: German regional elections on September 15. 2013. The Sunday after it’s Merkel’s chancellorship. And in between there’s more excitement, not just for the press but also for those familiar with the topic, who can get ready for a few surprises!


If Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer know their future, that of the – highly anticipated – Munich city quarter Schwabinger Tor is out.

In September the secret surrounding this big city project will be revealed at a premiere event, the so-called "Kick Off".


Since 2012 Hamburg based THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®, specialized in innovations, has been developing an overall strategy based on validated futurology. At the request of its client JOST HURLER, who is known for outstanding longevity and recoverability in his corporate policy, this strategy will be putting it all to the test. Thus the results being revealed to select guests and the press could bring some surprises for those in the know.

Munich’s Schwabinger Tor was first mentioned in 1319, torn down about 500 years later in 1817, and will rise again just about another 200 years later, in 2017, with a new location, Schwabing’s Leopoldstrasse, stretching half a kilometer. The master plan is based on an urban development competition that was held, with the decision being made at the plenum of Munich’s city council. The project sponsor and property owner is Jost Hurler Beteiligungs- and Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, which is developing this city quarter forming a new center and the start to Munich’s downtown area, as part of their holdings. The first preparatory construction measures have already begun.

So far a lot has already been said about the Schwabinger Tor:


Until now the structures of a superstore and a hotel have pushed into the urban area stretching from the Schwabinger hospital to the English Garden just like a lock.  Schwabing was home to Thomas Mann, Bert Brecht, Franziska Gräfin zu Reventlow, Rilke and Ringelnatz. Based on paragons of downtown areas shaped by history, the new Schwabinger Tor combines all facets of city life: living, working, shopping, culture and relaxation. A series of plazas, alleys and new green spaces will rise – in a completely car-free area which still boasts optimal connections to the infrastructure, e.g. tram route 23 passes through the grounds, - with residences and offices, hotel, cafés and shops. This would be a perfect location for more than 1,500 people to work and live.

A new popular boulevard will be created along Leopoldstraße. And an exceptional hotel is coming, something for Munich to look forward to.

The kick-off, the date of which will be announced within the next few weeks, will finally put an end to the suspense.

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