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Slovenia gets it:

The world’s first Shopping Centre
for women.

Even Slovak TV captured images of excited female customers on camera.


At a launch event much-noticed  by the media, including TV, THOMSEN GROUP now presented its development in Slovenia, the world’s first Shopping Centre for women.


Once construction is complete, scheduled for 2013, this (with the exception of religion-based shopping opportunities) world’s first Shopping Centre for women will now become a reality.

Some quotes from Slovenia:

“nakupovanje za zenske” (roughly translated “Shopping for Women”): Under this slogan the centre demonstrates the unique concentration on women as consumers. The measure is based on the astonishing results of a study conducted by THOMSEN GROUP of Germany (Hamburg), based on the development of shopping malls and buying patterns, particularly in the Slovak retail market.”


“Special behaviour patterns were identified during research, which to date have only been seen in the Slovak society. This particularly also includes the impressive social position of the Slovak woman compared to the central European forms.”


“In cooperation with an internationally operating strategy consulting firm, THOMSEN GROUP of Hamburg, a strategy was developed to specifically analyse the consumer behaviour, particularly the behaviour of Slovak women. It’s considered a pioneer project in the retail industry.”


“Since traditional Shopping Centres no longer worked under the previous paradigms... aimed at addressing “everybody”, they ultimately address nobody. That’s also because competition is so extreme in Slovenia. This is not just an experiment. This pioneer project rather appeals to detecting new solutions with so far unknown paradigms.”


“The main goal of the study was to identify the needs and customer demands of the Slovak clientele, and to present solutions for the retail industry valid until 2030 or, better yet, 2050.”

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