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Adler AG increases profit three-fold.
Another mandate for THOMSEN GROUP.

Consolidated profit almost triples to 105.6 million Euro. Further strong growth announced.


Consolidated turnover and consolidated profit of Adler AG, which has been the client of THOMSEN GROUP for many years, increased significantly. Adler’s strong growth is predicted to increase in the second half of 2014 further. Also, THOMSEN GROUP is mandated with further projects.


The Adler mandate accompanied by the THOMSEN GROUP provides on the one hand possible solutions for the “city of the future”. On the other hand it offers opportunities for civic participation. The cooperation of THOMSEN GROUP with the institute Infratest Dimap, again provided quantitative proof of the high degree of validity of the qualitative results of TGISC®’s LiveResearch®, the market research system of THOMSEN GROUP, in its current Adler AG mandate. The mentioned institute is known through a regular trend analysis commissioned by the German public TV-channel ARD.
The consolidated turnover of Adler AG, focusing on residential real estate, increased in the first half of the year almost tenfold to 26.3 (previous half of the year: 2.8) million Euro and the consolidated profit more than tripled to 105.6 (33.6) million Euro. Earnings per share increased to 5.90 (2.17) Euro. The number of residential units in the Adler group increased from 7,800 at the end of 2013 to some 21,000 during the period under review. “Two important, closely linked factors are the reason for the very good development”, says Axel Harloff, CEO of Adler AG. He explains “the capital market trusts us and we operationally meet our requirements for successful acquisitions and the integration of residential real estate portfolios”.

The most recent Adler bond is listed on the Prime Standard for corporate bonds on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The bond, which was issued at the end of March this year at 50 million Euro and successfully increased to 100 million Euros in mid-July, is thus currently one of 14 corporate bonds which were accepted at the highest transparency standard for trading in this privately organized and legally regulated securities segment.

The consolidated balance increased as per June 30, 2014 to 1.24 (0.461) billion Euro. The profit expansion as well as increase of share capital as part of the takeover of Estavis AG, Berlin, which holds significant residential real estate properties, entailed a significant increase of equity to 281.5 (86,9) million Euro. This is equivalent to an equity share of 22.7 percent. Adler also assumed a stake in a portfolio of CORESTATE Capital AG. “Our strong growth will also continue in the second half of 2014”, Harloff stressed. Adler has sufficient funds for further significant acquisitions from the successful increase of the corporate bond 2014/2019 from 50 million to 100 million Euro in July this year.” Parallel to growth we will continue to work on a consolidation of the profit and assets situation”, says Harloff. Adler AG is a listed real estate company specializing in the establishment and development of a substantial, high-yield real estate portfolio. The purchase and management of residential properties throughout Germany is at the core of its activities.

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