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Saying no to quotas: THOMSEN GROUP brings four more strong women on board.

Anja Wenzl, Johanna Grübler, Katrin Berg, and Laura Werthmüller are also in favor of a quota-free system of qualifications at the THOMSEN GROUP.


Roland Berger argues in favor of having a quota for women, then approves two staffing decisions that contradicts their statement that same day, XING reports. The opposite picture emerges in Hamburg: The THOMSEN GROUP is still against the quota, but brings four more strong women on board.


It’s cynicism in its purest form, according to XING, sending a link through Germany: The head of the Supervisory Board at Roland Berger had just made an impassioned statement of support for quotas for women’s participation in the company, and then, just hours later, the Munich consulting firm brought new men on board – and McKinsey and Boston Consulting are told to be hardly any better.

The THOMSEN GROUP proves that it works also without the regulatory requirements their colleagues in Munich called for. For many years, not only has the THOMSEN GROUP been one of the few companies in the world to have a CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) on its board, but what’s even more relevant, the CVO is female. She works closely together with the CEO and the Vice President to manage the corporate group on a global basis from Hamburg headquarter.

“We still want to have only the best people,” says Prof. Ben Thomsen, founder of the strategic consulting firm, which specializes in practice proven innovation. “Being required to maintain a certain gender proportion doesn’t help with that. Interestingly, it’s our female team members who most vehemently oppose the regulation. They have proven themselves through their performance, and they certainly don’t want to be stigmatized as just filling a quota.”

One new employee on board at TGISC® is Johanna Grübler. She previously worked in London for employers including McKinsey & Company, BBC Worldwide, and Expedia Ltd., after working for the German TV-talkshow Markus Lanz and for the fashion company Anna Sui in New York. At the THOMSEN GROUP, she is responsible for corporate communications.

Laura Werthmüller, who holds a B.Sc. degree in General Management, studied at EBS University of Business and Law and the Indian Institute of Technology. After working for the Office de Tourisme Beaune, Côte et Sud and the German Investment Funds Association (BVI), she is now a consultant who works closely together with Vice President Christian Kettritz (head of consulting).

Katrin Berg proves that the THOMSEN GROUP thinks outside the box: Although her professional background is in medicine, she now holds the position of Deputy Head of Front Office at the THOMSEN GROUP. In the past the worked for employers including Reynolds, Pentax, the publishing house Axel Springer, and Hafencity Management.

Anja Wenzl is now the personal assistant to the CEO. However, she impressed the entire board all at once, complex management duties were added to her job description and have been part of her tasks ever since. She started her career in the U.S. at Fashion Finest. After stints working for TNT and Polaroid, she focused on the media industries, initially working in sports TV and then in digital TV before moving to NBC (Universal Global Networks) and finally to German TV network Das Vierte, the forerunner of the Disney Channel, which was later initiated by the Walt Disney Company.

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