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New consultant boosts the innovators in Hamburg.

After Porsche Consulting Group geared up to THOMSEN GROUP.

Daniel Troche, here in Warhol manner. The paintings of Marily Monroe and canned soup, Troches first professional station, belong to the artist’s most famous art works.



Daniel Troche stayed for three years at Campbell’s, the company that had just been evaluated by Forbes as one of the top 5 enterprises with the highest reputation 2015. The global food company with about 20.000 employees became even more famous in 1962, the year TGISC founder Prof. Bernd Thomsen was born: Warhol opened his first exhibition consisting of 32 canvas pieces, all of them showing Campbell soup cans. The young consultant, who studied International Management i. a. in California and Great Britain, continued his professional career at French Connection, BMW and Porsche Consulting.

For THOMSEN GROUP his international experience and know-how in food, retail, automobile and consulting, focussed on distribution and consumer goods was essential. Daniel Troche could experience more expertise in this field at the London fashion label French Connection (known in short as FCUK). The Company is present in more than 30 countries with headquarter in London where Troche had been working. FCUK is listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Daniel Troche is a young consultant whose life stations in Wales, London, San Marcos (USA), München and Stuttgart evokes the impression that he is older than his real age...He started his career with a commercial apprenticeship. His subsequent academic studies (International Management, International Business Administration (M.A.) and Business and Enterprise (M.Sc.)) and his stays abroad combined with internschips were the environment to gain further experience.

During his practical work at Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW) Daniel Troche was in charge of customer relations programmes and topics in residential trade. Whereas with Porsche Consulting, who generate 70 % of their sales volume outside the VW group with external clients from varified industries and with locations in Mailand, Sao Paulo, Atlanta and Shanghai, he had not merely been in charge of knowledge management but also of process analysis and optimizing marketing structures for clients dealing with consumer goods and retail.

Asked for his motivation to join the innovation experts in Hamburg, Troche states:
„The wise man with the well known tongue once said that really good solutions appear to be impossible to materialize. Einstein did not know THE THOMSEN GROUP credo „courage to go for the impossible“. It does not only help a lot but it is also spread too rarely.“

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