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Finally validated data.

For Retail and Real Estate: Knowing frequency, best-fit and rental prices prior to planning your development.

Retail Interact - The frequency forecast of TGISC®. For validate retail rent prices.



How valid are the communicated frequencies and the resulting rental prices for retail space? Until now, decision makers had to trust those unverified figures. At the earliest stages of projects, there was simply no way of planning for a retailers. Until now.
Retail InterAct, now as stand alone.


Retail interAct shows developers, owners, asset managers and retailers the overall picture and creates a base for rational decision making processes. A vast amount of verified attributes are the core of the tool. What is the real footfall of a certain location? how many of them are likely customers and how do tenants have to adapt their product portfolioto to the people living and working around the real estate.  Retail InterAct provides information about which tenants on your premises are prepared to be successful in the long run. This output is highly relevant for retail and real estate professionals alike.


In order to provide pedestrian frequencies, best fits and rent prices in unparalleled quality, the THOMSEN GROUP uses not only data collected in collaboration with the well-known Infratest Institute featured on the program ARD Deutschlandtrend, but also draws on comprehensive GfK data and its own 30-year-strong data pool, which even contains data on the shopping experience, by the way. Even survey quadrants (according to the desired level of detail) of less than one square meter are added to this data pool. This makes for a data pool of tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands (if the area is particularly large) of quadrants. For every single quadrant, the THOMSEN GROUP is able to accurately depict the hourly and daily pedestrian frequency. Accurate descriptions are generated without taking falsifying influencing factors into account such as favorable weather conditions or festivals, which both encourage a higher pedestrian frequency.

The RI performs analyses on an additional validation level - the (future) footfall rate (passers-by in the areas immediately in front of shops), the conversion rate (those passers-by, who enter shops / potential customers) and the conversion rate (those who actually purchase something / revenue per receipt). When all of this data is compiled, we end up with databases at our disposal, which have multiple sexavigintilllions (a 1 followed by 81 zeros) of data - a true testament to the relevance and validity of Retail InterAct.

On the occasion of the 30 - year company anniversary last year, the THOMSEN GROUP crafted the internal agenda "Innovators 2034 " ( in 2034. TGISC®will be 50 years old ). Here were focused not only internal  goals such as the continuation of long-standing banking independence of the group, but also got new tools out, which get the job done. Even better.  This includes the upcoming publication of Tii ( THOMSEN Innovation Index ; more on this in a separate report ), and the frequency scenario Evolution " Retail - InterAct " .

But what makes us and Retail Interact so successful is the vast knowledge we posses in everything shopping. We horde tons of data in regards to the leading global retail chains as well as one man shows operating a small pop up store. We constantly research shopping missions, identifies shopper clusters such as the hybrid consumer ( by the way, long before other futurologist proudly presented this type on popular world stages) and views proclaimed trends with a critical distance. Combine that strategic knowledge with quantitative input from leading institutes, add some very smart people who have great insights into shoppers minds and trends, and there you have it; Your projected rental income can be increased immensely because you know much better where tenants should be located on your premises, where frequency drivers supposed to be located and how to add a "steroid tenant" to slow moving areas to positively affect the entire area. 

Christian Kettritz, VP of THOMSEN GROUPS is relaxed. „We are aware that we are not sole real estate experts. We let others claim that title. Our approach is largely based on success for our clients. Thats why we prefer to be compensated for exactly that. Our critical and independent perspective and cross sector knowledge (especially consumer insights) have helped quite a few asset managers and developers in the past to turn 100% vacancy into 100% rental income. In some cases in only 11 months.


What Retail Interact can do: In a nutshell.

  • Data based Frequency Forecast.
  • Strategic Evaluation of tenant mix.
  • Identify possible rental prices.


For more informations: ri(at)thomsen.de


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