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Video clip: The future of insurers.

No transparency, poor service, products that are too complex?
Do insurers need to reinvent themselves?

The young insurance broker, Matthias Kirsche poses these questions to Prof. Bernd Thomsen, CEO of THOMSEN GROUP.



Ever since Markus Rieß, former head of Allianz in Germany, took the wheel at the Düsseldorf insurance group Ergo this month, have the challenges been clearly laid out. He'll be kept busy with more than just the usual issues such as the traditional tasks of the travelling salesman and criticism directed at the sale of "Riester retirement plans" (a grant-aided, privately-funded pension scheme in Germany). The entire insurance sector is being challenged right now. No transparency, very minimally tailored sales approaches and customer service as well as a solid step toward the age of multimedia are all hurdles to be overcome. Prof. Bernd Thomsen answers some questions for the young insurance broker Matthias Kirsche in a video interview.


"Quo vadis?" is what big insurers are asking themselves these days. In addition to the affects of the global crisis, which has definitely not yet been adequately compensated for through corresponding adjustments to adapt to new market conditions, there are other challenges to be met: The ECB's low-insurance rate policy, which has pulverized the lucrative life insurance market, is just as much a shock as the failure to embrace the digitalization and technolization of our social environment.

Today it is easier to find out exactly where your DHL parcel is in China at any given time than it is to track the current processing status of a claim report submitted to an insurance company.

It is exactly this issue that has enormous potential which has only been half-tapped by the insurance sector up until now. Mobile communication, social networks and the public demand for more transparency should not only redefine the way in which insurance companies communicate with end customers but also foster the identification of entirely new products.

"There are currently 50 million mobile internet users. You have to take advantage of these opportunities!", says Prof. Bernd Thomsen of the state of the insurance business in his interview with Matthias Kirsche. Current insurer fears cannot be reduced to only low insurance rates and archaic products. Find out more in the interview!


Matthias Kirsche, insurance broker, in an interview with Prof. Bernd Thomsen,

CEO of THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants Est. 1984 (abbreviated: TGISC).

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