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High investment R&D does not guarantee successful innovation.

The countdown is running:
The first global corporate
innovation index goes public.

For years reserved exclusively for publicly listed companies; from 2018 on, available to the public: the Tii (THOMSEN innovation index): use innovation to decide on competition, to escape from price spirals and increase corporate value.



The Tii (THOMSEN innovation index) qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes publicly listed companies in several countries and from various sectors and singles the true innovation leaders out.


On the occasion of THOMSEN GROUP's 30-year anniversary last year, the company established the internal agenda "Innovators 2034" (in 2034, THOMSEN GROUP will be 50 years old).
The agenda not only established internal maxims such as the resolution to remain independent of support from banks, but also added some newer, sharper knives to the drawer. This included the future publication of the frequency scenario evaluation "Retail-InterAct" (more on that in a separate article) and the Tii (THOMSEN innovation index). Of course there have always been editorial rankings and economic macro analyses such as those published by GII, which compares the economies of different countries, but this poignant index classification published quarterly for entire sectors and individual companies is something new for those who are not yet THOMSEN GROUP customers. Our customers, on the other hand, have been using the Tii for years already. It was the first corporate innovation index and is unparalleled to this day. Preparations for the publication of the index have now almost come to an end. The release is set for 2018. After that, the index will be published at regular intervals.

These days hardly anyone would argue against the fact that innovation is essential for competitiveness. But things often look different: Seemingly well-educated financial-analysis specialists observe R&D expenses and draw the wrong conclusion, often prematurely, based on what they interpret as a high degree of innovation in a company. Some companies build communicative castles of innovation in the sky. Bookkeepers are even "innovative" nowadays. More and more audit firms are starting to discover the consultancy market, and along with it they should discover innovation. There are seemingly endless possibilities for making innovative strength believable in the short term. The type of manager, who thinks they can "buy" apparent innovative strength at a low cost, will be revealed in the end.

Innovation-jugglery "only works for a short while", says Christian Kettritz, the Vice President of THOMSEN GROUP, "until someone takes a peek behind the curtains and starts asking direct questions. We like to call ourselves the "ones who look behind the curtains."
"Minimizing big expenditures and uncoordinated measures and creating structures and environments that accompany innovation ‒ those are the real challenges! Here, more than 80% of all companies (not only publicly listed ones) desperately need to play catch-up."

The global innovation index Tii analyzes companies in the mid to long term and provides the market with an impressive benchmarking scale that is based on company size.

But what sets innovation leaders apart?
Innovation leaders are able to find the perfect ratio of investment in innovation to innovation that works. Tii is an analysis tool which has assisted THOMSEN GROUP's clients from all important sectors in benchmarking for several years already. It has, until now, provided only clients with branch insights and know-how to evaluate their innovative strength.
From 2018 on, this knowledge will finally be released publicly at regular intervals.

THOMSEN GROUP's passion has, however, remained unchanged over the past 30 years:
use innovation to decide on competition, to escape from price spirals and increase corporate value.

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