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Position 20 of this ranking, former tv journalist Franz Alt (at the right) anchorman at ARD political magazine "Report" for 20 years who at present focusses on sustainability topics, is considered as a favorably priced speaker. No. 1 (left) is Bill Clinton, no. 7 Prof. Bernd Thomsen, CEO of THOMSEN GROUP and no. 8 is Joschka Fischer, ex foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Germany.



„Some people spend money for idiots’ drivel!“ was the comment by a reader of a  German business and finance paper with the highest circulation, on a ranking related to speakers’ fees for politicians, show-stars, economy experts or entrepeneurs. It seems that this attitude is not shared amongst the audience of the speakers of our ranking:


Former US president Bill Clinton and spouse of the most prospective presidential candidate for the US leads this ranking. Since he quit his function he molted to become an outstanding successfull speaker.

Equally demanded are Ben Bernanke, sucessor of Lee Greenspan as head of US Federal Reserve as well as Kofi Annan, being the seventh General Secretary of the UN, peace Nobelist and awardee of the greatly demanded Indira Ghandi Price. Angela Merkel is certified for good prospects of being ranked amongst the most sought-after speakers. Insiders of the business estimate the acting Federal Chancellor to possibly have the highest „market value“ in Germany.

Wether "New York Times", "Guardian", or "Forbes", "Frankfurter Allgemeine" or "Handelsblatt" - the media is interested in the worlds best speakers, because good lectures are always in demand. „...nobody knows exactly what the speakers earn“, writes FAZ. Even if it is only estimated how high a speaker’s fee might be and how demanded he is supposed to be, the figures are supported by thorough research.

E. g. the former foreign minister Joschka Fischer not only being the first „green“ politician wearing sneakers in exalted position is considered to be somebody who has a profound knowledge in the field of worldwide politics and of course especially on the topics of environment and sustainability. He is on postition 8 of our ranking.


Prof. Bernd Thomsen, the CEO and founder of THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, is placed just behind him as tone of the best speakers. He furthermore teaches in Asia at the renowned university for economics, SPJ Management Institute of Mumbai, which is topmost evaluated by the German Conference of Ministers of Education being initiated by the Educational Trust that was founded under the blessing of Mahatma Gandhi. (Who is, like Indira Gandhi whose price Kofi Annan received, a significant public person in India.)

Prof. Bernd Thomsen is an expert in innovation. He speaks dependent on the importance of an event in front of a selected audience. His topics are economy and national economy as well as futurology, future industries and innovation.


Here is position 1 to 20 of our ranking list:

1.    Bill Clinton
2.    Ben Bernanke
3.    Kofi Annan
4.    Richard Branson
5.    Günther Jauch
6.    Gerhard Schröder
7.    Bernd Thomsen
8.    Joschka Fischer  
9.    Roman Herzog
10.  Klaus Töpfer

11.  Bertrand Piccard
12.  Tom Buhro
13.  Heiner Geißler
14   Nina Eichinger
15.  Matthias Horx
16.  Beatrice Weder di Mauro
17.  Jörg Löhr
18.  Richard David Precht
19.  Peter Bofinger
20.  Franz Alt



Sources: New York Times, faz.net, Handelsblatt, Washington Speakers Bureau, Die Welt, Guardian, Forbes, Wirtschaftswoche, Cicero and self research. There is no claim on completeness.

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