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Another female manager appointed independently of gender quota.

Nadine Rosenow has taken on responsibility for Process Management at THOMSEN GROUP with immediate effect.

Full speed ahead: Nadine Rosenow.



"Processes are often treated in a negligent way, or bureaucratically. For us, on the other hand, they are a dynamic expression of innovative corporate management", says Nadine Rosenow, Head of Process Management at THOMSEN GROUP. This is why Process Management reports directly to Corporate Development, namely to ensure this innovative condition is continuously fulfilled.


Corporate Development at THOMSEN GROUP is responsible for all major decisions relating to the future of THOMSEN GROUP. It is headed by one of the world's very few CVOs (Chief Visionary Officer: businesswoman and graduate economist Simone Thomsen). The tasks assigned to this overarching responsibility include - under the premise of continuous visionary innovation - personnel development, new business, client fit, finances and processes that correspond with THOMSEN GROUP's specialization in innovation.


Process Management at THOMSEN GROUP is headed by graduate sociologist Nadine Rosenow. "Continuous process management makes corporate processes not only transparent and comprehensible for the entire workforce, but also more efficient. I find the prospect of managing the business processes of THOMSEN GROUP and continuously adapting them to meet our innovative requirements in the interest of our clients very appealing," says Rosenow.


Having held positions in Pay-TV, politics and the qualification segment, Nadine Rosenow, who hails from Wiesbaden, moved to Hamburg to join the "Worlds leading innovators".

She finds the commercial aspects of her position - not usually a sociologist's daily bread - of particular interest. She wanted manage projects, make processes transparent and more efficient. And win over the workforce for her approach. Ms. Rosenow's achievements in finances, sales, personnel development, project management and process management set a strong gravitational force in motion at the Hamburg consultancy that Nadine Rosenow found compelling. 


"Masterminds wanted!" had piqued her interest in the strategic consultants headquartered in Hamburg. And as masterminds tend to recognize one another, the rest was a mere formality. (Although THOMSEN GROUP is opposed to women's quotas, both of the management positions presented here are held by women). Rosenow's creative and unconventional way of thinking is just as well-matched to the strategists specializing in innovation as her unconditional desire to energetically drive projects upwards and onwards. 


And if Nadine Rosenow should ever be heading in the opposite direction, then on a purely private basis: with helmet, protectors and her mountain bike on a downhill trail…

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