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After SAP, Deutsche Bank, Henkel and Lufthansa now strategy consulting.

Florian Schreitter von Schwarzenfeld joins the market leader for innovations.

Florian von Schreitter joined THOMSEN GROUP in its HQ after being with 4 DAX companies.

„If you can dream it, you can do it“. 



Florian Schreitter Ritter von Schwarzenfeld asked himself where the unique management consultancies with unique challenges can be found. Even though he has been with EY and other prior career steps summarize the who-is-who of Germany’s Blue Chips, he wanted more: Creating jobs not eliminating them, adding value to society and being a global player. Always looking forward, facing new, unique challenges in his daily business. This is how he envisioned he next career step.


His gained knowledge he will use to create value for THOMSEN GROUP clients. From healthcare topics at SAP, to wealth management with Deutsche Bank and strategy and sales roles with Henkel and Lufthansa, von Schreitter’s experience is not only extensive in various corporate roles. It is also global and drawn from leading companies. Additionally to his outstanding professional path, he founded the "Innovation Challenge" for Reach Out Cameroon, an organization which works for business diversification in the english part of Cameroon. This initiative has empowered more than 250 participants of all classes to be the next leading innovators in their particular community. The project has created more than 10 sustainable businesses and innovations which to this day are still actively contributing to Cameroon’s businesses. It made him especially proud that 9 out of 10 businesses are still empowering the civil society and contributing substantially to the diversification in the field of economics. Diversification he supported also, because as an avid field hockey player, he founded the first hockey club in Cameroon while living and working in the country. His determination and hands-on mentality has been proven in all his previous roles and has been the key element of his selection by the THOMSEN GROUP.


All those attributes of von Schreitter also convinced Simone Thomsen, the CVO of the THOMSEN GROUP and her staff. Asked about what qualifies von Schreitter to join the company, she said: „He doesn’t fit in any defined category of an employee, he always exceeds expectations. His wide areas of interest and his global experience convinced us of the great fit for the firm.“ Both have in common that they competed in the highest german leagues, Thomsen in Tennis and von Schreitter in field hockey. Simone Thomsen highly involved in the war-for-talents to the point: Florian von Schreitter is going to be part of the team!

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