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Örebro, Kansas, Uppsala, Herzogenaurach. 
And now: Hamburg.

From adidas to the THOMSEN GROUP.

After spending some time with the No. 2 in sport, international manager Richard Schönfelder is now with the No. 1 in innovation, where he is responsible for regular national and international assignments.



The sneakers that up to recently he wore each day at the adidas headquarters were somehow a good match for his speed: he has already lived in eight different cities in Germany, Sweden and the USA. He studied Business and Management and International Business in Örebro, Heilbronn, Kansas and Uppsala and subsequently completed an honor’s master’s degree. As he continues his professional career, he has now made the leap to consultancy in record time with the “world’s leading innovators”.


Following his work with various social institutions, including roles as a personal adviser in a social welfare organization and a consultant to the American Red Cross (Midwest Chapter, qualitative analysis of employee satisfaction for the CEO), Richard Schönfelder took up a role as a marketing consultant in the publishing industry. He then worked as a personal assistant to the CEO for quality management in a consultancy company.

He subsequently moved to adidas global headquarters, where he was initially responsible for feasibility studies and then took on a role as interface between product management and brand management. Before he switched to the THOMSEN GROUP, where he is responsible for regular national and international assignments, he supplemented his international management expertise in Sweden, where he worked in the area of project management with startups.

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