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Iconic Health.

The religion of the Future:
Iconic Health.

People will emancipate themselves from classical instances of institutional Healthcare.


Health will become more Holistic. And will move closer to the people. Yet in the meantime Experts still too often fail to discard the antiquated notion of centralisation.


Health is already by far the most important intangible asset for people. But its importance will increase significantly in the future. One's own health becomes a strategic resource for the individually successful creation of one's own life path. The top 5 characteristics of health illustrate how holistically people define health: fresh air (5), nutrition (4), interest in and knowledge of health practices (3), sport (2) and happiness, for example through good vibes and sociability, in the workplace - ranked an No.1. Through digital tools, self-diagnosis and in continuation also self-therapy becomes possible. Digitization brings health closer and closer to humans. Today's current development (still) leans toward centralized hospitals. However, because it will be robots who carry out the majority of operations in 2050, case numbers requiring central clinics are irrelevant. And because in 2050 the dimensions and costs of medical technology will continue to shrink, it will be affordable in contexts beyond a central hospital. Therefore, decentralized clinics will have a future again. Nevertheless, supposed experts still do not leave the path of centralization.


As such, people are starting to emancipate themselves from the crisis-ridden instances of traditional institutional healthcare offerings and search (far from the former repair shop) for their own ways of individual health management. The new proactive understanding of health combines former opposites, for example, between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Health becomes a pacifier for people and a central component of their lifestyles - health becomes a new cult. Raised, yes to the new religion.


The new religion: Iconic Health.
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