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Mobility as an implicit obviousness.


Mobility is moving to the back of peoples' minds although Mobility itself is constantly moving forwards.


"If I had asked people what they want, they would have said: faster horses," said Henry Ford, founder of the automaker of the same name who was born in the last century. When we ask motorists today about the future, they mostly talk about electric cars. Whether the horse's reins or the car's steering wheel: little has changed. For a long time (even today) the primary focus has been the mobility factor itself, i.e. how people get from A to B. However, in the minds of people, mobility is increasingly taking a back seat, although in itself it is constantly increasing. This apparent contradiction is due to the fact that mobility - with increasing travel and mobility volume - becomes an insubstantial obviousness. While in earlier days, one would feverishly await receiving their driving license, with mobility claiming a central part of one's life (for example, you did not do anything while you were riding a horse, for many men it was even fun), you now often see drivers on their smartphone, and in the advent of self-driving traffic the past concept of mobility is being redefined. Instead of mobility focus, a focus on the (rolling) cinema, office, or bedroom, other functions become central while on the move. That one is being transported from A to B in the meantime - becomes an insubstantial fact. The vehicle is steered by the vehicle itself. Door-to-door office, door-to-door cinema, etc.This means: Once you get in on short distance individual traffic, an express train, where the vehicles are linked, its Cinema setting is activated and a film is played in the door-to-door mode. Alternative the door-to-door office self-provisions itself for use. Both of these and many more processes no longer have to interrupt users, everything happens without the need for human involvement. (And where mobility-related idle times can not be reduced 100%, they are still reduced considerably. For example, at the airport, where most of today's essential time-wasters such as check-in, baggage, or security are eliminated or considerably minimized by technological and process-related redesign. Thanks to digitalisation check-in and security occur in passing. The dynamization of the world is thus also reflected in the mobility behavior of people.

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